An international events company for street theatre, walking acts, show parade, stilt walkers, and water shows

International Events Company

Prestige Events is an international events company based in Italy. We produce exclusive events and original shows all over the world

On this page, you can find a lot of information about our international events company. We want to share with you the magic job that accompanies us since 1990. We hope you find interesting the many pages of this web site that are representative of our international events company and our show production. We work only with passion and in Italy, it is said that: “A man who works with his hands is a worker; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands, his brain and his heart is an artist" 

An international events company, a fascinating world in which we live for thirty years

Event management within an international events company is a fascinating world able to make everyone dream. Producing shows and events of every type and being an international events company working worldwide means to meet each day with styles, trends, costumes, and different cultures. Events management within an international events company means creating and planning events full of original shows with wow effects…according to us, an International Event Company must do it! After 30 years we can say this is the most beautiful job in the world! 

The history of our international events company began 30 years ago when there was no internet and there was no possibility to seek creative ideas but everything had to be invented with the imagination. Our luck was precisely this: without internet everything had to be invented without outside ideas, developing so all our imagination, manual skills, and genius. The beauty of this particular job of art and culture is the total absence of creative limits. 

It is beautiful to deal every day a different events' management in an international events company

It is great can do a job that is never the same. We think that the most beautiful events and shows are the ones we will do tomorrow, that the most original walking act is the one that still needs to be thought of, and this today as 30 years ago with the same light in the eyes and the same passion! This great passion is there because event management, buskers, and street theatre show production, whether it be a walking act performance or a great 3d mapping show on a building, each time give us new and original stimuli. The world of buskers and street theatre is just like that, vital, constantly evolving, a "galloping horse". Precisely with these elements that international events company Prestige Events confront every single day by stimulating the brain with which it creates and the heart that inevitably remains in every show production

Our international events company: a "personal" approach:

Events organization is a great act of love, and this is well known to events planners! For this reason, you will always hear our international events company Team talking about all our street artists' shows, all street artists involved in our events management, all the animations we design and produce and with great care and attention, almost like our "sons". We prefer a direct approach with all people that call our international events company, based in Italy, because we live each one of our Customers as the Person to whom we are going to entrust our greatest good, from the moment in which he shares with us the need to organize an event that involves our shows.

We want to show worldwide our world, the one of events e show, the one of our international events company based in Italy

Shows entertainment in general is a complex and vast universe. Moving in the world of events and show business is a journey full of wonder, amazement, emotion that never ends, which is never replicable because the creativity of artists is an inexhaustible source of show ideas. That's why we thought our website as a great showcase in which we exhibit all our productions of entertainment. By visiting and browsing this portal of online shows, it will be like to be in our international events company. To welcome you, you will find our event planners Team, always ready to share show ideas with you, to give you all the support you need to organize your event, in Italy or worldwide, to suggest the best street entertainments for your audience. Whether you are searching for the right entertainment for your big closure event, or a street entertainment for children, our heart, our care, and professionalism we put on will be always the same ... Instead, The result will be always UNIQUE because unique will the event we'll organize for you!

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