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Edutainment Activities

Edutainment activieties for kids! Fun entertainment ideas for school's projects and events

Edutainment definition says it is the process of entertaining people at the same time you are teaching them something. Our thirty years experience as Event Management Company has always shown us that education mixed with entertainment leaves learning pass through emotion, and develop a more disruptive and certainly more lasting impact of it, because it is transmitted with the pleasure of entertainment and fun activities for children and adult too. From this base start all the work of our Team on edutainment activities. A Staff at work every day to create amazing education entertainments for kids, involving edutainment activities for children and schools, incredible digital entertainments and school projects thought on the most current educational theories. If you are searching for new edutainment activities to organize a unique edutainment event, you’re in the right place! Let’s see our dedicate section "edutainment activities" or contact our edutainment activities' experts. We will find the right educative entertainment to organize your edutainment event!

Edutainment activities: new strategies of teaching with education entertainments

All over the world the commitment of Departments for Education to finance educational workshops and projects is increasingly strong, inviting schools and teachers to choose edutainment activities for students. Workshops and learning projects range from the use of educational entertainments for kids (more known as edutainment), interactive educational activities for children to the use of the digital entertainment and multimedia world in schools for adult students. Every our edutainment activities, every educational school projects, every entertainment shows for kids, aim to enhance students' performance and teaching effectiveness with modern and innovative edutainment strategies. From these assumptions Prestige Events' event planners realize and organize engaging school projects and edutainment activities, according to how Departments for Education says about approaching history, science, physics, biology, and current affairs with educational games for kids, with educational shows for primary school, with multimedia workshops for secondary school, in few words with edutainment activities for an excellent educational reinforcement to the traditional lesson strategy.

Edutainment: emotions into education activities for kids and events

The Staff of our edutainment activities depertment, applied strategies and techniques "markedly emotional environment" such as the ones of eshow and entertainment, to create innovative and involving edutainment activities and school workshops. With the aid of technology, creativity and digitization, this kind of education entertainments can transform formal environments (classrooms, laboratories, etc.) and informal ones (squares, streets, events and manifestations, Malls, etc.) into conceptual spaces suitable for learning, as often happens with modern digital entertainment. With school projects and edutainment activities, students don't passively undergo education, they become active protagonists and producers of meaning not only at school, but in the whole environment that surrounds them and give them stimuli to develop continuous emotional experiences with a great value of lifelong learning. This is why edutainment activities for kids and education entertainments are increasingly sought after by teachers of the school of all levels. If you believe in new education entertainments’ power, you will be spoiled for choice among our many proposals to organize unforgettable edutainment activities and events. Contact our edutainment activities experts and they will guide you through the fascinating world of education entertainments.

Modern edutainment activities thought to reach every destination all over the world

All our international events company's edutainment activities are based on:

Actuality: the most modern and sophisticated technological equipment currently in use has been used to carry out our school projects and entertainment activities.

Inclusion: all our edutainment activities have been designed with a view to both conceptual and logistic inclusion. All our proposals provide education entertainments with the involvement of all participants. All our edutainment activities promote emotional and experiential exchanges to enhance learning. On a logistical level, our event planners make always a careful study of edutainment activities to avoid any barrier to their use, and to allow all students (not one less) to be part of educational workshops together with their class group even in presence of special needs. All this has an extremely positive effect on the relational aspects of the participants themselves.

Usability: for size and logistics, all our edutainment activities, school projects and edutainment events can reach any destination all over the world and be enjoyed in all contexts and events. They can be edutainment activities and events organized in schools' spaces but at the same time they allow to open horizons to environments not previously considered. All our educational shows and entertainments, education events and edutainment activities can be done also in "unconventional" spaces (events, shopping malls, squares, companies) transforming them into suitable environments to promote the opening of dialogue with the School Institutions and its own territory.

Emotionality: last but not least, the beating heart of all our school projects and edutainment activities, playful or multimedia, aim to convey important concepts and notions through the language of emotions which has always been a universal, inclusive and lasting language, as well as Pedagogists and Departments for Education, define it as an important component for long life education.

yes ... we can strongly say that learning is much more than education. It is something that goes through emotions and continues to develop throughout life...

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