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Walking Acts

International walking acts

Walking acts, with buskers and stits walkers, represent a modern variation of more classic street theatre that sees the development of street entertainments moving along public and private urban areas and spaces.Walking acts aim is to create entertainment performances along routes avoiding so crowd and people gatherings in single points. The great power of all kinds of  walking acts lies in their traveling nature, which seeks its audience, interacts and moves with it, accompanies it in the physical space of the event, and brings it in the artists' imagination one. The most evident characteristic, organizing walking acts, is their great originality. Whether it's the most famous stilt parades or the most innovative and extravagant shows, walking acts are always able to stimulate the curiosity of young and old and generating a very strong attractive power, as you can admire in all street theatre events and buskers festivals organized always more often in Europe and worldwide. Walking acts are a perfect solution to enhance and amaze events with multiple points of attraction, they develop along routes such as roads, streets, or in  malls. The events management that involves the use of walking acts, is able to fully guarantee original street entertainments along with large spaces and routes. Today, choosing a walking act with street artists is the most appropriate choice to enhance and create an involving street entertainment, able to totally enhance shopping and entertain all ages audiences during street theatre events. At the same time, we can say that walking acts are the perfect show idea to give unique and appreciable entertainment even from windows and balconies, as required by the new rules anti-COVID-19 contagion which aims to avoid gatherings of people and crowd. If you are looking for solutions to organize your anti-gathering event, you are in the right section. In just a few clicks, you will be able to access each walking act with street artists and you can discover with photos and videos the beauty of traveling entertainment, original and exciting. Visit the section "walking acts" or international event company Team.

Walking acts and street artists show: contacts with ancient Greece

Walking acts and buskers shows have their roots in ancient Greece, where it was usual to organize theatre shows open to the public. At the time Theatre had an educational and political aim (intended in the sense of participation in the life of the polis = city) whose sharing was of absolute importance, so much that State recognized the payment of the "attendance fee" to the audience attending theatrical performances. Theatre's shows were held in the famous amphitheaters, areas specifically dedicated to the show whose acoustics are still studied today as a symbol of perfection. Actors were generally men, even if the character of the dramatization was a woman. The actors of Greek theatre wore stage clothes and typical shoes, very high boots that we can venture to define as ancestors of the "stilts" of our modern walking acts that stilts walkers use to perform in extraordinary stilts parades. Greek theatre lived on its relationship with the audience and on live performance, an element of contact with modern street theatre shows. We can find the same even in walking acts and in street artists’ shows, that is to say, the fundamental relationship between the actor who performs live, and his audience who follows his actions. The "live" component of walking acts and street theatre shows, ensures that the production and realization of the show are always unique and never the same, a representation "that every time is reborn and revived fortified by the public's consensus" (Silvio D'Amico, Storia del Teatro). But in walking acts, this direct and immediate link between buskers and audience, mixed with its walking component, has an even greater and so strong attraction power, that the audience physically follows the show and street artists moving along their entire path.

Events organization with walking acts and Buskers performances: international Buskers Festivals

Compared to classical theatre, street theatre performances and walking acts are still associated with the figure of the "busker", as an artist who performs leaving a facing up a hat to gather people offers. However, artistic events linked to walking acts and to buskers’ performances are gaining in importance and success. France is the driving nation in the field of buskers' events with the organization of famous street theatre festivals (or buskers festivals), such as those of Aurillac and Chalon. But Italy is also moving towards a recognition of Street Theatre by the Ministry of Culture. Indeed, the organization of events and buskers festivals of great tourist attraction is increasing exponentially, including the important Ferrara Buskers Festival, an event that brings thousands of visitors and tourists to this wonderful Renaissance City every year. If you are also thinking of the Street Theatre Festival organization with street artists' performances and walking acts along your city's street, contact us. Our international events company is specializes in events planning with shows that focus on street theatre performances, street theatre shows, and on walking acts too. Don't hesitate we will give you the most beautiful and original ideas to organize your next event with the right measures to avoid gathering and crowd. We also will provide you the best security service to support the safety of all people attending your event or one of the walking acts you will choose, too.  Our services are available throughout Italy, including the islands, in all major Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Bari, Catania, Venice, Verona, Messina, Padua, Trieste, and worldwide

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