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Samuel the ventriloquist Samuel the ventriloquist Samuel the ventriloquist

Samuel the Ventriloquist

The best multilingual ventriloquist with his friends Tayson and Lion and an incredible 45-minute show

Samuel the ventriloquist Samuel the ventriloquist Samuel the ventriloquist Samuel the ventriloquist Samuel the ventriloquist Samuel the ventriloquist Samuel the ventriloquist Samuel the ventriloquist

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Samuel the multilingual Ventriloquist

From cruise ships to corporate and international events’ stage

Samuel is the best ventriloquist showman that can perform a multilingual show, both in English and Italian, tailoring the entertainment on your event needs. The technique of this extraordinary multilingual ventriloquist, is considered the best in the world. Samuel the multilingual Ventriloquist often works on cruise ships. Everyone knows that working on cruise ships means to be a very good multilingual performer. During the masterful performance of Samuel the multilingual ventriloquist, his friends, Tayson and Leo the Lion, will freely express themselves, entertaining the audience with funny dialogues and sketches. Samuel the multilingual ventriloquist perform a very irreverent and valued attitude which people attending his multilingual show always fall in love.  This special and customized entertainment for companies dinner or conventions, is also the perfect entertainment for all events that leave space for satire.

What’s special with Samuel the Ventriloquist's multilingual show

What's special with Samuel the Ventriloquist and his incredible entertainment? According our international events company's Staff it's his amazing skill: he can speak and produce sounds without moving his facial muscles, producing one or more sounds that the audience is attributing to Samuel the Ventriloquist’s puppets involved in  his performance. But the added value is a multilingual performance tailored according every single event's need. With Samuel the Multilingual Ventriloquist you will also have a multilingual performance, thanks to his great skill to produce sounds also in different languages. With Samuel the multilingual Ventriloquist you've only to share with our event planner your desires and we will create an exclusive show, studied in your language and according the needs of your event!

Trying to explain the magic of multilingual Ventriloquist entertainment

During past ages, Ventriloquism was used by shamans and priests in order to show the divine will playing on the credulity of the believers. Currently, Ventriloquism is an incredible entertainment and animation show: it is extremely cherished and rare throughout the whole World. There are many theories trying to explain how a Ventriloquist can speak without moving his mouth. The most validated says that a Ventriloquist can do this by using his diaphragm, but the truth is that the puppet’s figure is essential in order to keep attention away from our multilingual Ventriloquist’s mouth, especially during the moment in which he has to pronounce those letters that cannot be pronounced without a little mouth’s movement.

Fantasy goes wild with Samuel the multilingual Ventriloquist show

However, a scientific explanation is useless when you’re attending Samuel the Multilingual Ventriloquist's show, because he is able to astonish even the adult audience, in front of a puppet that is literally bringing to life. Samuel the Multilingual Ventriloquist is bringing to reality one of the biggest fantasies of children: giving life and speech to toys and puppets, just like how it’s happening in most beloved children’s tales. The great success obtained from the organization of television and media events, based on professional Ventriloquists’ show (remember the American Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, who became famous thanks to the performance of his hilarious puppet Achmed), shows the great power of Multilingual Ventriloquists performances to attract old and young audiences, so the request for ventriloquist entertainment for events is increasingly growing.

Samuel the multilingual ventriloquist, only one man on the stage ...  many actors that speak!

For anniversaries or special events, in big Malls event, but also shopping nights or gala dinners, in outdoor events or in corporate ones, Samuel the most beloved and famous multilingual Ventriloquists, will  perform an incredible entertainment with more than one puppet at the same time, creating an incredible impact on a speechless audience, who is losing the border between fiction and reality.  On the other hand you are seeing Samuel, the man who achieved the title of the best Ventriloquist of the World!

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