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Wooden games traditional Wooden games traditional Wooden games traditional

The best traditional wooden games

The most beautiful complete collection of vintage wooden games for tradition's events. An entertainment event for the whole family available worldwide

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Traditional wooden games

Our Grandparents' games, also called traditional wooden games, became a beautiful collection of wooden games handmade and an unforgettable street entertainment for children in events for families. This particular traditional wooden games' entertainment results from a long research work that crosses Europe, from North to South, with interesting interviews with Grandparents about their traditional wooden games.

Events with traditional wooden games .... and the whole family plays

From this in-depth research on the most popular wooden games of the past, was born this engaging and fascinating street entertainment for kids and families. A true condensate of history, artistic craftsmanship and fun, which gives everyone a dip in the past, bringing adults and children back to the carefree moments of childhood. Vintage wooden games' collection will amaze events for children and for the whole family, a real street entertainment that involves eyes and heart, entirely handmade in wood, with careful craftsmanship and decoration.

The best vintage wooden games for your events

As in the best popular tradition, traditional wooden games are the same grandparents' games and are simple pastimes that require speed, dexterity, imagination, and no child is excluded. With this entertainment for children, socialization and being together also between different ages is promoted. Just as in the past, with vintage wooden games' collection, adults teach children the rules of traditional wooden games by creating a moment of healthy sharing between parents and children, between grandparents and grandchildren thanks to the use of simple materials becoming irresistible wooden games.

Traditional wooden games collection: perfect street entertainment for any event

The intent of our vintage wooden games collection, is to keep alive the memory of popular wooden games with a real involving entertainment for children, perfect to amaze Malls, fairs, buskers festivals, parties, and of all events dedicated to tradition. Wooden games collection allows young and old to try their hand in pairs or in teams in exciting competitions of skill and precision. Here is a list of the most beloved traditional wooden games. They are part of our vintage wooden games collection of handmade craft:

  • wooden game of the nutcracker

  • traditional wooden game of throw to the can

  • the handmade wooden game of manual wooden pinball

  • the vintage wooden game of wooden towers

but you can also play exciting games with the handmade wooden soccer, without forgetting the vintage interlocking puzzle and the timeless wooden constructions for kids. The traditional wooden games' collection is the interactive entertainment for children in which the spectator is involved and becomes the protagonist. TRaditional wooden games is the entertainment with the flavor of past, but always extraordinarily current and fascinating for the public of all ages.

Vintage wooden games: entertainment 100% made in Italy

The vintage wooden games collection is a journey back in time, to rediscover one's roots and that past made of fun and socialization, a moment to strengthen the bond with one's identity which turns out to be common to many peoples, because the language of traditional wooden games is universal, that's why it is important to remember and keep the tradition alive in the handover from grandparents to grandchildren, from parents to children.


Vintage wooden games: more than 30 unique pieces handcrafted

Adults taught the rules of traditional wooden games and children applied them, even learning to build toys from simple materials found among the woodworking scraps, by their aunt seamstresses, in the kitchen, or in the cellar. Traditional wooden games were also built with cork, wood, cloth, paper, cardboard, caps, buttons, tin cans becoming toys with which you enjoyed yourself and in groups. With this traditional entertainment for children and families, we want to keep alive the memory of these traditional wooden games, recovering this wonderful collection of popular games.

Technical needs of vintage wooden games

There are no special technical needs if you choose the entertainment of vintage wooden games. With grandparents' traditional wooden games collection, you will animate your event with a very versatile show solution and the set-up is suitable for squares, streets, villages, grass meadows, and Malls too. In case your event is an evening one, general lighting is required.

Vintage wooden games set up: simple, fast, and available in Italy and abroad

Collection of over big 30 vintage wooden games 100% handmade in Italy of the Italian tradition, and background music. The traditional wooden games collection is thought to move on wheels to reach every destination in Italy and abroad.

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