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Walkabout Musical Acts

Walkabout Musical Acts for Hire

The Team of Prestige Events wanted to dedicate an entire section of our artists and shows portal, to the collection of original ideas related to the world of walkabout musical acts. Unique activities, incredible artists capable of entertaining audiences with exciting and engaging acts, irresistible animations, and many ideas are waiting for you with preview photos and videos. Within this dedicated space, you will find a selection of walkabout musical acts designed for the organization of public and private events, entertainment acts for events that often offer music and animation with street performers and singers. Our Team of event organizers is always available for advice, ideas, and quotations, and to support, municipalities and public bodies, associations and individuals, entertainment agencies, and event organizers, in all the delicate steps by which you plan and organize a party with walkabout musical acts. 

Three tips from Prestige Events Team for choosing and Organizing Walkabout Musical Acts

There is no perfect show for every event, but there is the perfect musical act for your event. The task of selecting the most suitable show is the crucial moment on which the success of the entire event depends. So here are three simple tips that our Team of event planners always makes available to its clients when they are about to choose the show for their event, to simplify the choice while browsing our portal:

1. Focus on the type of event you are planning. There are dozens of types of events and just as many types of target audiences. Perfect walkabout musical acts for your event are the ones chosen and designed for your audience and them only!

2. Watch out for the times of the event! The time slot in which the event is held is an important element in choosing a wow-effect show.

3. It is important to be clear about the message the event wants to send. Do we innovate with original walkabout musical acts or keep a tie to tradition?

Once these first three elements are clear, and thanks to the section dedicated to the organization of Walkabout Musical Acts and artists for parties, in a few clicks you will have photos and videos of initiatives and ideas designed for the entertainment of the audience of your event. Last but not least, the direct line for immediate contact with the Prestige Eventi Team, a team of event and show organization specialists at your disposal with always new, fresh, and original ideas!

Ideas of Walkabout Musical Acts Available Worldwide

In this section, you can see a wide selection of walkabout musical acts designed for events that can also be customized. A good alternative to the now widespread roaming bands is the new walkabout musical acts of Madame Opera, she does roaming concerts and is visible from afar given her height of almost 4 meters and is audible from afar given the important sound system hidden under the large skirt. In the last period, the most innovative organizers have chosen this show for their parties especially when the parties you want to organize are crowded with an audience of all ages. Let's not forget the presence of very good street performers, able to entertain the audience with original and incredible street entertainment performances such as the Enchantments Venice light parade that brings back the beauty of Venice everywhere or the Butterflies a joyful parade on stilts with amazing costumes of butterflies with huge colorful wings. Or if you are looking for an original idea to celebrate Christmas, I suggest the only real roaming and musical Santa's sleigh where on board we find Santa sitting on his throne and handing out candy and wishing a merry Christmas to everyone and let's not forget Santa's faithful helper: the elf who drives the sleigh and takes Santa everywhere.

For all questions and quotations, please do not hesitate to contact Prestige Events' Team of experienced event planners who are always at your disposal.