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Prestige Eventi

Event Management Company

Prestige Events is an Italian Event Management Company that has been operating in event organization since 1991 in Italy and abroad. No ... we are not an event management agency ... not only ... .. if we wanted to borrow an adjective from genetics, we could define ourselves as a beautiful "crossing over", the magic that happens when from two starting elements is generated something unique that is the combination of both, but it becomes something original and never seen before!

The soul of Prestige Event Management Company has its roots in events management, a fascinating and stimulating world that has always been part of the history of our company. But at the same time, we have supported, nourished and developed our creative soul, specializing also in the production of street entertainment shows and animations.

Prestige event management company is services for events management in Italy and abroad.

Prestige event management company is a team made up of events planners and consultants, technicians and logistics experts, and ... last but not least ... creatives who have been producing street entertainment shows for public and corporate events for more than 30 years. Our professional staff is specialized in events conception, events design, events management, but also in shows with street artists creation. A team of events planners at the service of public customers, private companies, Events management agencies, and associations for Events management and consultancy, aimed to make each event unique and special. 

Prestige event management company is a unique events planners Team for unique Events management

By choosing Prestige event management company you will find a single interlocutor able to support you in all stages of your event organization, even the most delicate ones. Our events planners staff will be at your disposal for the total management of your event and you ... all you have to do is enjoy it.

Prestige event management company is a website conceived as the biggest showcase  of street entertainment shows and artists for Events management

In addition to the range of targeted services for the organization of unforgettable events, the site of Prestige event management company offers you the whole range of our street entertainment shows and all our shows proposal with photos, preview videos, and descriptions to leave you the emotion of choosing the perfect show for your event. Consulting the site is simple, just click on show type that most interests you and you will have in just a click all exciting videos able to show you every street entertainment in all its beauty. The choice is wide, you will find many sections each one full of show proposals and street entertainment for events:

You will be spoiled for choice between:

street theatre and buskers shows

walking acts, street artists and show parades (the perfect solution also for post covid-19 Events management)

fireworks and big water shows (the real alternative to fireworks)

education entertainment for edutainment Events management

corporate events management (fairs, conferences and team buildings)

entertainment for malls

shows for weddings

and the whole range of shows proposals for events and celebrations

Christmas shows

New year celebrations show

Artists and shows for Halloween Party

Team buildings in Italy

And if the choice becomes complicated ... don't worry ... contact our events planners team for free advice, we will help you to make such a delicate choice! Producing entertainment shows is the "icing on the cake" we always love to put as an unmistakable sign in all our Events management. Yes, you have understood well ... our events.... because feeling them as ours, we dedicate ourselves to organizing each one of them with commitment and passion and always choosing unique and tailored entertainment shows because they're produced and customized according to the needs that your event requires!

Prestige event management company produce events and tailor street entertainment shows

We have customizable and unique street entertainment solutions in store for you to organize unforgettable events with exciting and tailored entertainment. We will help you choose the right street entertainment show among all our many proposals created for every special occasion. From thirty years we propose always new animations and street entertainment shows, musical performances, street theatre performances, street artist walking acts, circus art shows, fireworks displays and exciting pyro musicals (fireworks shows at the rhythm of the music that guarantee shows very far beyond the usual and traditional fireworks displays). On our site, you will find entertainment proposals for corporate events and animations for Malls, elegant shows for ceremonies and institutional events, and engaging animation shows for public events and for children. All our show proposals guarantee moments of involving entertainment and animation, designed for every kind of audience, studied and created in a "tailored" way to amaze art events, corporate events, team building, conventions, and special business dinners as well as large events, meetings, and corporate incentives.

Prestige event management company is many people, many services ... a single team for organizing events

We are able to ensure our support, management and Events management to public and private customers, to assist Events management agencies in the choice and coordination of entertainment and animation shows, to plan and organize events and big events with a service from A to Z, enriched by original entertainment shows and animation activities with artists and buskers of proven professionalism and talent. Our Team of events planners will help you to enhance public and private events, big events, indoor or outdoor events, always ensuring high standards of safety and entertainment. Over the years we have organized events for public administrations and corporate events for Italian and foreign companies, making available all our know-how, new ideas, new shows and the unfailing professionalism of our staff. The value of our Events management work, the beauty of our street entertainment shows, as well as our profession, is recognized every day by the satisfaction of our customers and by an ever-growing portfolio. The customers we have served and serve, represent your best guarantee of quality and competence in Events management, in the management and realization of events, big events and animation shows. A unique, dynamic team made up of many heads and many hearts that look in the same direction. Contact us and share your needs with us, there is already an idea ready for you!

Prestige event management company staff