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Events security services

Events security services

Our Events Management Company has accepted the challenge that Coronavirus emergency has launched for all professionals of events' organization, thus our "Safe Events" security service was born! We are proud to present our new events security services for more safety into events and for the organization of concerts and fireworks, for the access to sporting events and to Malls avoiding gatherings of people and crowd, and much much more. This new events security service is the result of a prestigious partnership with the best professionals in the world of security services. Together with them, Prestige Events planners offer further support during events, shows and entertainments to give one more service to all our customers who turn to our events management company to organize their events.

If you are searching for the right security service solution for your event during a particular walking act or to avoid crowd to the access of children’s animations, you're on the right place. In this section, you will find information on the range of security services designed for the organizations of both public and private events, coordinated by professionals of events security service with prefectural license and by operators trained for first aid, for security and fire surveillance, for safety and security in public places, and for security services in sports events.

A reliable, streamlined, dynamic events security service tailored to your needs. As always, Prestige Events planners' Team offers you support and coordination for a total organization of your events. But this is only a taste…. for detailed information, tailored quotes, and customized solutions, do not hesitate to contact our events planners  Staff, we have a solution for all your requests!

Post Covid-19 Safe Events a new challenge for agencies and events management companies and for shows’ producers

The current international healthy situation connected with the anti COVID 19 measures poses a new challenge for all events management companies and for shows’ producers too. Whether they are aimed at the public of private and corporate events or ones aimed at old, young, and families, future events have to be safer than even before.

If events safety rules already in force required monitoring and risk assessment practices in events organization, with the post COVID 19 everything must necessarily be rethought with a view to even greater protection of show's operators and their audience too. The password for all events planners, from this moment on, must be no doubt: security services in anti-Covid - 19 events' organization. And it is on this password that we have based the partnership to develop our new events security services, designed for extraordinary measures to contain the contagion from Covid-19.

Contact us, we will explain the details of  this new security product thought to observe and respect all regulations in force thanks to a great  events security service team trained for:

• events security service with accesses control;

• events safety service with control and respect for the use of protective devices (masks, gloves, etc);

• events safety service with body temperature measurement by the operator or with thermo scanner;

• events security services with quota entry to avoid gatherings and crowd;

• events security service with monitoring and control of social distancing parameters;

• preliminary study of anti-assembly routes;

• possible sanitation of the  area  after the event;

And our offer is also enriched with unarmed surveillance for private or companies, security services in malls with day and night surveillance, corporate and business events' security services.

Security services and reception's professionals for corporate events Hostess and Steward for fairs and congresses

We paid particular attention to the world of services for corporate events and to security services for event planners. This range of events needs more precautions because it is a matter of organizing and planning markedly commercial events that are vital for every company, especially in a delicate moment like the current one. Incorporate events, each company shows itself to its customers and suppliers, and therefore the choice of operators who will represent their face is of fundamental importance. Whether you are organizing a trade fair event or a corporate conference, the welcome of your guests will always remain the crucial moment of the event, the famous "first impression". That's why our proposal for corporate events security services is based on the presence of hostesses and stewards with a good presence and trained in contact with the public.

With Prestige Events, you can count on the support of qualified and trained Operators for a complete reception service for meetings, fairs, corporate events of all kinds.

With our Hostess and Steward services, you can enjoy your event in total tranquility thanks to total security management which includes:

• event security service with monitoring of accesses;

• welcome and accompanying for guests with professional Hostesses and Stewards services for corporate events;

• event security service with general control access and over the objects introduced to prevent unauthorized intrusions;

• events security service to protect guests and personalities with surveillance of authorized and unauthorized areas to the public;

• events security service and surveillance of escape routes;

• events unarmed security service to check and comply with current regulations and ordinances in force at the time of the event (anti-COVID-19 prevention measures, use of protective devices, application of social distancing rules, study of anti-gathering routes );

But our support for security in corporate events also includes the presence of hostesses and stewards with a degree for interpreting and translation services for meetings, conferences and international corporate events.

We are at your disposal for customized, fast, and flexible solutions. Contact our team of corporate event planners for info and quotes.

Prestige Events Management Company has the answers to all your questions about events security service 

The artistic and entertainment world has undergone a great change due to the new safety regulations which have become even more stringent with the advent of COVID -19  to protect events participants. The events planning process is therefore enriched with a new step, after choosing the right animation show for the event, the right security service will be essential. But don't worry ... Prestige Events planners Team has already thought of all security and entertainment solutions to guarantee the support that we have always given to all our customers. If you are planning your post Coronavirus events and you are looking for shows and animations in line with the current anti-COVID 19 regulations, contact our Staff of events planners or visit the section dedicated to all the show solutions designed to be performed in compliance with current safety and social spacing rules throughout the country: "Walking Acts, Street Artists and Show Parades".  If, on the other hand, you have already found the show idea that made your heart beat faster than walking act and show parades for post Coronavirus events, the next step is to identify the best security service solution for your event. Among our solutions you will find also temporary events' security services, permanent events security service, stewarding for sport events, and security service for public places… .. we organize all your events safely!

Stadium security services, stewarding for sports events and security service for concerts and events

With our events security service, Prestige Events' planner's team supports you during the selection of shows and entertainment for your event…. taking care of the event security service at the same time! If you are organizing a concert or planning the next sports event at the stadium, our private security service operators team will be at your disposal for all the most effective procedures to safeguard your participants. Among the tasks part of the training and daily work of our security service operators Team, full support is provided in carrying out the operations of:

• event security service with supervision and control of stadium' s accesses;

• event security service and management of public flows in compliance with current social distancing rules;

• event security service with analysis, control and prevention of illegal behavior or unwanted entry as well as introduction of prohibited or dangerous objects;

• event security service and protection of guests, protection of personalities and artists;

• event safety service with verification of accessibility to escape routes;

• event safety service with high risk fire surveillance service;

• event security service with surveillance of firefighting devices to prevent potential tampering;

• event security service in compliance with the regulations in force, including the most current measures to contain contagion from Coronavirus;

All our event security service operators posses all the requirements provided by current safety regulations and carry out constant updating and training activities. Contact our team of event organizers and find the "tailored" proposal for you!

Why is important to choose events security services reliable and professional

 Talking about event security service leads us to get in touch with a fascinating but very complex world that we can summarize as the set of all the best practices and strategies put in place in order to preserve safety and security of entertainment's professionals, artists, show's operators but above all the public attending every event. We are talking about a world of a thousand variables and that is why our Events planners Team always recommend to all events' planners agencies that call us to organize corporate, private or public events, to rely on security services professionals who have experience and possess of all documentation to attest it. Our proposal of "Safe Events", the events security services was born precisely from the partnership with twenty years experienced professionals of security service for events. It's a new private security service that Prestige Events offers to all customers to support the organization of events and shows throughout the national territory and abroad.  

Prestige Events, a team of events managers to organize your event from A ... to security service!