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Street theatre and buskers

Street theatre and buskers
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If you are searching for the right events management company to organize your buskers festival or your corporate event with street theatre's performances, you’re in the right place … the biggest showcase for street entertainment, 100% made in Italy and granted word wide.

Why street theatre and buskers are the right ideas for unforgettable international events?

Because Street Theatre entertainment differentiates into many types of performances, but the constant common to all, whether they are Italian buskers or international street entertainers, is the guarantee of an interactive, engaging perfomance and above all original. Street theatre shows are never the same, every performance is a unique one. Anyone who focuses on events planning with buskers performances knows to offer their audience a unique and unrepeatable show. It is precisely this uniqueness that makes street theatre performers the perfect solution to entertain the public of all ages and all types of events. With street theatre events, or choosing street artists' performances, you will be sure to be in front of a unique show for your event. You have only to click on the many street theatres' produtions in the section above to test the amazing feelings of people during our worldwide events.

Street entertainment, buskers celebrities and Street Theatre International Festivals

Many famous artists and celebrities exhibited as anonymous buskers during these street theatre events. For example, Sting performed in London’s city center; the famous violinist Joshua Bell performed in Washington’s subway with a real Stradivari; Bon Jovi played as a busker at the subway stop of Covent Garden in London; Bruce Springsteen exhibited as a simple busker with his acoustic guitar, and the Italian Biagio Antonacci was almost arrested after his exhibition in Milan’s train station when he was still performing as a musical street entertainer. Street Theatre has been rediscovered in its most innovative forms, as shown by the many buskers festivals organized all over the world.

Among the most famous and important street theatre festivals, Street art Mumbai is one of the greatest ones, which shows how strong is the attracting power of this kind of entertainment. Another really famous one is represented by Melbourne’s Stencil Festival, with the celebration of its street and stencil art. Even Greece shows the importance that street art festivals are currently acquiring with the organization of the magnificent Athens Street Art Festival, in which the town is magically filled by beautiful and astonishing art masterpieces. Buskers’ festivals can attract huge tourist flows, creating a magical atmosphere characterized by amazing sounds and colors, valuing towns, and urban spaces. If you are thinking to choose street theatre performances for your events or a street artists’ company to plan your buskers festival you are in the right place .. our services are guaranteed worldwide and ensure the quality of an unprecedented street theatre festival to every location.

Who are Buskers?

They are talented artists with multifaceted creativity who perform in public places such as squares, streets, and historic centers. Their performances can be free or request a free offer. In this case people use the word "the bottle" to indicate a busker leaving a hat facing upwards, where the public of young and old leaves his offer as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for the excitement that his street theatre performance gave. Street performers (the other name used to identify buskers) have an extremely strong attractive power on audiences of all ages and languages. Above all when we speak about visual art shows or musical performances, which therefore break down every language barrier because they are based on universal forms of artistic expression. Precisely for this reason it increasingly happens that public institutions or private companies ask to events' management company to plan street theatre events with street entertainment in order to enhance historic centers, squares or Malls with walking acts for children and families to attract new visitors and tourists and retain the public with carefree moments of interactive buskers' perfomances.

If you are thinking about buskers' performances to organize a successful event too, call us! Our events planners Staff is at your disposal for advice, ideas for original street theatre events, and extraordinary animation proposals with the right street entertainment.

Street artists and buskers, contacts with an international story that tends to infinity

If someone wanted to draw up a hypothetical "list" of the types buskers' performances, he would immediately realize that it is an infinite overview. Starting from the better known and familiar street artists, surely everyone's mind would begin to crowd with jugglers, clowns, mimes, stilts' walkers, storytellers, musicians or fire eaters, street painters with chalks and acrobats. Although the history of street theatre is studded with moments in which these disciplines of street entertainment undergo apparent setbacks, the moments in which street entertainment seems to disappear, they really are pauses in which buskers and street theatre evolve to become something new and unedited. After the advent of television, cinema, production and organization of shows with sophisticated technologies, buskersshows seemed to have disappeared completely.  But at that stage, street entertainers have largely drawn on new technologies making them allies in the production of stunning performances of evolved street theatre shows. Thanks also to far-sighted public institutions and the advent of social channels that have allowed the dissemination of images and multimedia videos, we have all witnessed the extraordinary rediscovery of street theatre and of buskers performances. So start to appear street artists who use modern musical instruments and technology in strange but crazy combinations never thought before. Acrobatic dancers who create street dance shows choreographing music and dance in synchrony with projections on evocative three-dimensional scenographies.  And who has not been enchanted by a fairy tale told in music and images created by projecting evocative narrations with Sand Art? This latter is a very good example of how the storytellers of the past have re-become offering a street entertainment that could never have been thought before.  Street theatre changes, buskers evolve, but the amazement and wonder that street theatre shows always evoke remain unchanged. That's why the story of street artists is a story that tends to infinity, without borders as without borders is the creativity and originality that distinguish every street theatre show, that's why we always say that the most beautiful street entertainment is the one that has not yet been realized….

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