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Stilt Walker Performers

Stilt Walker Performers

In this section you’ll find an incredible variety of stilt walker performers. Stilt walkers are extraordinary street theater performers who makes incredible acrobatic shows developed in height. We can confirm they are among the most known and beloved street entertainers because of this great skill to walk on high stilts. The arrival of stilt walker performers, with colorful costumes performing cheerful walking acts brings always a great joy for old and young audience and it is for this reason that the stilt walker performers are always among the most requested street entertainers for outdoor events or in the Malls too.

 The ancient origins of Stilt Walker Performers

The history of the stilt walker Stilt Walker Performers is quite unique and ancient. Generally fans of stilt walker performers love to trace the origins of these extraordinary street entertainers back to 1700 and precisely in Belgium. At that time  "stilts" were used to cross rivers, especially in case of overflows, and also by farmers to control sheep from afar. Even today in the traditional events of the Belgian people we find races and competitions carried out by skilled stilt walker performers who compete in strange challenges on stilts.

 The ancestors of stilt walker performers in ancient Greece

However there are also people who find the ancestors of stilt walker performers in an even more ancient era. We are talking about the Ancient Greece where, in amphitheaters, opeople attend theatrical performances called "tragedies". At that time actors, strictly men even in the case of female representations, wore very special stage clothes. Among these, the shoes called "coturni" (hence the name of the actors of the Greek tragedy "coturnati") stand out, characterized by a very high "wedge" to which is traced back the modern idea of stilts worn by stilt walker performers.

Modern street entertainment with stilt walker performers:

And from such a fascinating and at times mysterious history, could only come to the present day an equally fascinating discipline that we love to include in street theater entertainment: stilt walker performers. Wherever audiences of all ages meet the stilt walker performers it is always a great success. Stilt walker performers animates the memories of every child and still amazes the public of adults. Like all magic it is not easy to understand why the stilt walker performers are able to make everyone fall in love, probably because they are shows that live from the emotion of vertigo, perhaps because the stilt walker performers enchant with their colorful costumes while walking and approaching remaining unreachable. .. or maybe we will never understand it, and this is precisely the beauty ... the magic of stilt walker performers cannot be explained, it is lived as well as the emotion of their walking acts on stilts.

Stilt walker performers with lights

And as always in street theater, even for stilt walker performers we can say that we are facing street entertainers in continuous evolution with increasingly modern and innovative walking acts.For this reason, over time it has been possible to admire stilt walker performers who perfomed with fire, and then move on to colorful walking acts on elastic stilts. This unstoppable evolution has continued untill today allowing the all ages audience to attend spectacular walking acts performed by stilt walker performers with lights.The modern show parade on stilts with lights can be carried out as  entertainment for night events and make squares and streets of the city more evocative.

Our international stilt walker parades proposal

In this dedicated section we have collected our range of proposals on stilt walker performers walking acts. Here you will find a spectacular walking act of butterflies on stilts with 3.5m wide wings. But the magic is not over, among our proposals for stilt walker performers you can't help but fall in love with our live dinosaur, a real T-Rex puppy that walks, roars and goes for a walk around the city! And when evening falls, 4 wonderful Venetian ladies arrive, 4 splendid stilt walker performers with lights and luminous costumes that enchant gardens and squares accompanied by music. These are just some of the proposals of stilt walker performers that our international events company promotes as a perfect entertainment  for all events and all over the world. For more information and suggestions,  Prestige Events' Staff is at your disposal.

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