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Air Shows and Ballooning

Air shows and ballooning

Air planes and hot air balloons became an extraordiry enetrtainmente for events and festivals with unusual and very impressive air shows and ballooning. This kind of events involve aircraft, hot air balloons, airplanes, gliders and currently even helicopters, ordinarily used to transport passengers or with tourism or military purposes in incredible and amazing ways. In order to organize entertainment events, these extraordinary flying machines, become protagonists of air shows and ballooning, experiences aimed to impress the audience for their originality, impact and scenic power, in few words the heart of entertainment for air festivals.

Air shows and ballooning: airplanes and flying machines for an unforgettable entertainment

Air shows and ballooning require large outdoor spaces to host events that are born with a commercial aim and evolve through time in big entertainment's events with a great tourist attraction. Often events planners organized outdoor events hosting hot air balloons or aircrafts to entertain and attract great audience in commercial expositions function. In few time they understood that the great power of events with aircrafts can be strengthen by organizing Air Festivals with the entertainment focus on aircraft, great events with air shows and ballooning as protagonists. So thanks to the great attractive power of air shows and ballooning, air festivals became big events very complex and articulate. Now air shows and ballooning require long organization periods and a lot of preparation and knowledge. Today events planners and events management companies has to grant a great knowledge about safety rules, restrictions, aviation, physics and meteorology, added to all of regulations related to audience's safety, when they have to organize air festivals with air shows and ballooning.

Air shows and ballooning: entertainment for events that stimulate dream and imagination

We can say without any doubts that about air shows and ballooning, the most popular events are Air Festivals. In these special events, dedicated to all air sports and entertainment, people of all ages can try the emotions of air shows and balloonig experience thanks to an unconventional use of aircraft. During Air Festivals is possible to see one or more hot air balloons entertain audiences with thrilling experiences of free flight or tied flights. The latter involves the use of a hot air balloon with appropriate bond cables, firmly linked to the ground, in order to make controlled ascents. All of the audience can freely participate or might have to pay a ticket. The icing on top, which the public of air festivals cannot give up, is the great moment of the Night Glow, the extraordinary night show with hot air balloons brighting to the rhythm of music.

Air shows and ballooning, togheter against the weather

Near ballooning, and among the possible air shows audience can attend during air festivals, acrobatic airplanes shows are increasingly spreading. Ballooning and air shows are organized with the support of airmen, soldiers and civilians, who perform with great skills in acrobatic flights. The presence of air shows togheter with ballooning , has also a technic reason too. Air shows are insert into Air Festival’s programs even because they can be carried out when the weather conditions are not so appropriate for ballooning. Hot air balloons require very precise weather conditions more tighten than air shows ones. In thi way Air festivals planners can grant enetrtainment to the audience in every situation. Aerial acrobatics are performed both in horizontal and in vertical plane flight, defying the physics and gravity forces, and offering to the public truly breathtaking performances, whether it's maneuvers, even called displays, performed by an individual or in group. Aircraft involved in air shows' organization are special ones, characterized by powerful engines and by light bodies with large dimensions in order to allow riders to develop incredible evolutions pushing hard machine’s characteristics. During Air Shows it’s easy to admire rescue or security simulations realized by military or civilian aircrafts, specialized in operations such as sea recovery, fire fighting, or exhibitions realized on the ground about historical aircrafts on static display. 

Frecce Tricolori, the Italian pride among acrobatic patrols 

Among hundreds of existing aerobatic patrols, an important role is played by Italy’s best team in the world thanks to air shows of PAN, a military patrol known all over the world as Fecce Tricolori. Also Frecce Tricolori Team, in order to find always the best weather conditions, has a precise period in witch every air show is inserted. Precisely for this reason there are real seasons in which are condensed appointments and events concerning the world of aerobatics, either is air shows or ballooning. The European calendar runs from late April to mid-October. Besides the weather factor, space and visibility are two essential variables that can determine the feasibility of organizing an air show or hot air balloons festival.

Prestige Events, a great experience in air shows and ballooning organization 

For all these characteristics, therefore it is crucial to rely on a Events Management Company with a Team of professionals and the right knowledge on current regulations. Prestige Events has a thirty year experience into air show and ballooning counting on professional pilots in its staff. Our festivals with air shows and ballooning are globally guaranteed in order to bring the magic of these incredible fliying machines and their astonishing acrobatics to every kind of event. With the safety of a prepared Team we will take your audience into a breath taking experience in Italy and all over the world. Keep contact to know if your city can  hostour wonderful air shows and ballooning!

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