An international events company for street theatre, walking acts, show parade, stilt walkers, and water shows

About us

Events planner company

Prestige Events is an events management company specialized in street entertainments and in events organization right from its conception stage. At your disposal you will find our events planner team, a group of professionals of events organization, articulated and specialized in every aspect of event management, able to guarantee maximum professionalism, confidentiality, competence, and support with tailor-made events. We are not an events organization agency, we are a team of event planners and street entertainments creators, we are an Italian events management company for total management of your event!

What Prestige Events planner company do?

For more than thirty years we have been passionate every day about events organization and street entertainment to guarantee a complete service to each customer, for total event management throughout Italy and abroad. All our street entertainments are conceived, designed, and created to animate and amaze public and private events, corporate events, conventions, meetings, and team building. We design, plan, and organize events with exclusive, unique, and high-impact shows, aimed at the public of young and old. We provide a complete range of services for events organization that embraces every event planning phase, from the technical and logistical support for your event organization to the advice and coordination of entertainment, from the security service for event to the promotion and communication. A service of events organization guaranteed from A to Z by a close-knit and dynamic team of event planners able to guarantee our service throughout Italy and abroad.

Prestige Events planner company, a team of events planner based between Milan and Ferrara (Italy)

We love to define ourselves as "artisans of street entertainments" for the care and love we put in all our street entertainment production, in the relationship with each of our customers and in events organization  ... or better ... in the organization of every single event, which we live as ours! Our headquarters are in Milan, and our operating unit is located in Ferrara, a city of Art and Culture not far from important tourist destinations such as Venice, Verona, and the Adriatic coast. Such a strategic location allows us to guarantee our events organization service throughout Italy and abroad. In a unique team of event planners come together the dynamic and smart nature of a city like Milan and the artistic and cultural inspiration of the Renaissance of Ferrara which, with its peaceful green spaces and human rhythms, has always inspired our ideas and our creativity in constant motion.

Our events planner company job

Prestige Events has always offered the support of complete events organization staff, a team of event planners, competent and at the service of entertainment and fun. The mission of  Prestige Events planners team is the complete and total satisfaction of needs of each of our customers. The engine that has driven our Events planners daily for more than twenty-five years is the commitment, creativity and great passion we have for our work. As event planners, Prestige Events Staff is ready to advise, support and coordinate on all the aspects that see us involved in the 360 ° events organization. The conception, design, and events organization including the service of original street entertainments, is a challenge that every time we place ourselves in the continuous goal of improving the high-quality standard of our interventions, of whatever nature they are. We organize Halloween Parties with incredible Halloween walking acts, Street artists and buskers festival with musical entertainments and animation shows. We coordinate and create shows and entertainment for corporate events and for institutional ceremonies. You can count on the support of our event planners for your wedding organization,  to program animations in Malls, to educational and edutainment events organization, to design exciting school projects. On our site you can already see entertainment shows with Street Artists, engaging entertainment for Team Building and corporate events. And if you have special needs, our event planners will study for you "tailored" solutions based on your needs. 

Our events planner company team mission

The philosophy that has always animated the work of our events planners team focuses on human value, the relationship with the customer, and his satisfaction. The satisfaction of our customers is the primary goal of our events planners because it represents our own satisfaction. The characteristics at the base of the organization of our event work are transparency, clarity, precision and professionalism, elements that we also wanted to condense in our portal, the great showcase of our street entertainment shows, our ideas, and our exclusives, which can be consulted intuitively and immediately. Our web site is full of images, preview videos, and descriptions of all our street entertainment proposals, to leave nothing to chance, and to give our customers the imprint of our work. Our events planners staff is available daily to each individual public or private customer for free consultations and quotes, to coordinate entertainment shows, organize events and entertainment throughout Italy and also abroad. Our intervention ranges from the setting up and coordination of walking acts to the cabaret and the magic shows, from the setting up of musical entertainments to the organization of large big events and fireworks displays without neglecting the logistical, technical aspects and the security service for events.

Contact us and we will be happy to meet you and put all our experience at your service.

Prestige Events Staff