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Wedding in Italy

Wedding in Italy

With "wedding in Italy" Prestige Events refererrs to that particular range of entertainment made by shows and performances designed to give emphasis and spectacularity to the highlights of wedding party and characterized by originality and elegance. The increasingly trend of wedding in Italy requires weedding planners also to provide wedding entertainment with performances of great emotional impact and scenography, to ehance wedding ceremony and entertain guests.... all the best to organize a unique and unforgettable wedding. In this section about entertainment's proposals for wedding in Italy, you will find a selected range of shows, perfect for ceremonies and weddings, able to entertain the public of all ages and amaze it with impact and emotion. In only few clicks you will see photos and videos of interactive show parades and entertainment shows for your wedding, great closure shows, fireworks aand big water shows. All accompanied by the very high standard of customization that Prestige Events has always guaranteed in every exclusive event's organization and in tailor-made entertainment proposals. You are spoiled for choice.

Wedding planners and entertainment professionals for your wedding in Italy

The voice " wedding entertainment” is a key elements in a wedding organization, with with the same importance of photographer, flowers, cake and party favors choise. Due to the increasing articulation that weddings organization have reached, an increasing number of couples started to rely on wedding planners. These professionals of events are specialized in wedding organization and take care of every aspect and detail of this special event such as location, settings, church, flowers, bride and groom’s clothes, car rental , make-up, photographer , shooting , wedding favors and the logistical coordination of movements and timing. And everything became more complex if you are organizing your wedding in Italy from abroad. And if you are thinking to organize your wedding in Italy we think that the the support a professional wedding planner becames a real need. A professional wedding planner will coordinate all the professionals involved in wedding organization, he will act as an interface between them and the couple, and he will take care about the inevitable aspects of shows and entertainment. With Prestige Events you will have at your disposal a single interlocutor for the global coordination of your wedding in Italy. A Team of wedding planners at your disposal to plan every aspect of your wedding, a Staff with thirty years of experience in events and in production of unique shows, the same that will amaze the guests of your wedding in Italy.

Wedding in Italy, suggestive location and incredible entertainment ... how to be spoiled for a choise

Even if the need to take friends breathless during a wedding is the same for all couples in teh world, more and more couples find in Italian landscapes the perfect place for thei wedding day. Wedding in Italy is an increasingly trend among couples coming from abroad that choose to organize their wedding in Italy. Bu the same needs has Italian couples that has the luck to live in a beutiful country and to organize their wedding in Italy already living here. When we talk about wedding in Italy, all people mind goes to the beautiful "Cascine" of Tuscany, the the eternal beauty of Rome or to the romantic wedding day in Venice. Without any doubt Italy will ensure a lot of beautiful location for a special wedding. And thanks to these great beauty, also enetrtainmentbecame the real icing on the top either you are thinkng to traditional enetrtainment like fireworks, or to innovative ones like big water shows. Among the most common situations in the context of a wedding in Italy, fireworks display is one of the most beloved, generally used in the closure moment of the event to emphasize the cutting of the cake. The fireworks' show becomes a joyful way used by couples to greet their guests. However, the constant research of unusual, elegant and unprecedented events stimulates new challenges for wedding planners, who have to create and organize new shows and wedding entertainment, that will make the wedding celebration unique for the couple and for all of the guests. The essential need for couples during their wedding, is that of offering a "never seen" and " non- ordinary" entertainment, so that wedding planners had to create new show solutions. There is therefore the inclusion of interactive show parades, such as walking acts on stilts with lights, or with the choice of advanced solutions, such as the pyromusical fireworks displays. A completely original idea is the employment of a big water show with light and music, whose water’s jets are combined to the natural fire, dancing to the rhythm of the music, or even the placement of hot air balloons on which all of the guests can try an unforgettable and exciting ascension. All these incredible solutions and even more is now possible for your wedding in Italy. Prestige Events wedding entertainment services, are globally guaranteed in order to bring the Italian quality and refinement of our entertainments to every luxury wedding in Italy. Choosing our professionals will ensure to your event the charm and uniqueness that you wish, in order to realize a “never seen before” entertainment for your wedding in Italy.

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