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Stage Shows for Events

Stage show for events

Stage Shows are the most traditional version of modern shows, and usually are classified in outdoor performances (during summertime) and indoor performances, placed in theatres, cinemas and polyvalent rooms. Stage Shows are those show situations and entertainments realized on top of a static placement, which can both be performed in outdoor and indoor locations, depending on weather and on kind of public. The stage represents the most classic and famous way for delimiting the show area from  audience’s zone.The main stage can be raised, like in the most modern stage conception (like in live concerts), or it can be placed at the same level of the public participating to the stage show. This is the same stage model used in Greek and Roman great theatres, where the “scene”, or actor area, was placed at the same level of the audience, respecting strict acoustics balances. 

The stage, the magical space of entertainment shows for events

Stage is the ingredient which gives importance and prominence to actors and performers, from live concerts, to public discourses, conventions and conferences. During years, even stage structures was influenced by many evolutions, thanks to engineering development which gave start to real adaptation processes of logistic and stage building, in order to satisfy artists’ necessities, as well as the stage assembling. Main stages were initially made of wood planks tilt forwards, because of visibility necessities,then they started to get more elaborated structures, with electric and electronic constituents involved. The aim is that of guaranteeing to artists and event organizers, the possibility of using electronic structures, such as microphones for live concerts, scene lights, amplifications during musicals, video & media support during conferences and conventions.

Technological solutions and mobile stages to organize shows for outdoor events in squares

Actually, technology exceeded its limits and gave us “dynamic stages” or “movable stages”, which travel on streets and can be prepared in less than one hour. Thanks to sophisticated hydraulic structures it’s possible to erect a stage in short times and in any condition, event during the most prohibitive. Audio and light system is already set up inside of the stage, and doesn’t need any other kind of installation. These kind of main stages have a lot of advantages: for example, it’s possible to realize stage shows in places or locations where it was previously impossible to erect a platform. At the same time, it’s possible to accelerate the preparation of stages, with great cost, space, permission and working savings. Lately, the safety’s security of operators acquired a huge importance thanks to automated technologic systems. Because of the modern complexity reached by stage, artists who are usually involved in the organization of stage and show events need to rehearse. Rehearsal can be distinguished in technical rehearsals (lights placement, effects and audio systems) and artistic rehearsals. Rehearsals (also called “checks”) have the aim of letting artists’ hair down and exclude any kind of technical problem. 

The most loved  original stage shows for successful events and street parties

Between the most famous and beloved stage shows, it’s usual to fin cabaret shows, magician performances and illusionism entertainments. Thanks to the correct assistance and technical supply , the presence of a backstage, the use of calibrated  audio and lights, it has been possible to export (from the traditional cinema and theatre structures) new theatre and cinema genders such as musicals and comedies, enlarging the choice possibility for show and event organizers. The organization of a stage show is definitively one of the most traditional and powerful ways for attracting audience to your event. Our Stage shows are globally available, and are characterized by Italian excellence, fineness, refinement and uniqueness. Thanks to the masterfulness, preparation, creativity and abilities of our amazing performers and technicians, it’s possible to organize the perfect stage show for your personal event, and to bring the magical atmosphere of theatre and backstage art to any public or private event.

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