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Musical fireworks Musical fireworks Musical fireworks

Musical fireworks

The union between fireworks and music gives life to a magical show characterized by fireworks blown up to the rhythm of music: an incredible and extraordinary entertainment show...

Musical fireworks Musical fireworks Musical fireworks Musical fireworks Musical fireworks Musical fireworks Musical fireworks

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Musical fireworks

The musical fireworks show was born from  the continuous research of new, innovative and original solutions. It’s not a simple fireworks show since it’s characterized by the union between pyrotechnical fireworks and music. The organization of a musical fireworks show is the result of masterful studies about the chromatic acclaim and pyrotechnic symmetries, which are mixed in an harmonious way in order to give emphasis and prominence to the great emotional soundtracks created specifically for the single event. Attending a musical fireworks show is synonymous of living an extremely emotional moment, able to excite and astonish the public of any square, public event, white nights, outdoor celebrations, luxury weddings, gala dinners and private events. The incredible mastery and creativity employed in order to combine all of the elements needed to create a perfect fireworks show, allow our show agency and management to suggest tailor-made musical fireworks shows, in order to satisfy any kind of situation or event. The choice of colours and fireworks effects, soundtracks, structures of the extraordinary conclusions of the show, symmetries of the shining contrails and the audio impact of the sophisticated musical reproduction systems  are just some of the essential elements for the creation of the fireworks show blown up to the rhythm of music. The organization of this kind of musical fireworks show is certainty of the astonishment and emotion of the public, to whom our show agency and management offers a cherished and polished entertainment which exceeds a traditional fireworks show. Musical Fireworks show has the great versatility of the traditional pyrotechnical usages, of which Italy is synonymous of excellence through the whole world. With the help of the powerful music, the emotional aspect of the fireworks show is extremely stimulated, and will take any kind of audience to an incredible and breath-taking experience. Therefore, attending a musical fireworks show is the perfect entertainment that our show agency and managements suggests for any event: it’s perfect for big city parks, on the seaside or on top of the quiet waters of a lake. The absolute certainty of a musical fireworks show is that of attending to an astonishing and extraordinary entertainment characterized by an unprecedented beauty. Thanks to its emotional nature and to the possibility of being tailor-made for any kind of event, musical fireworks show can be the main entertainment for any kind of event. It’s perfect for private or public events, for luxury weddings, gala dinners, art exhibitions or cultural celebrations, and is the kind of entertainment that any kind of public loves, without any kind of linguistic or cultural barrier.