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International Magic Shows

International Magic Shows

Magic shows can offer a huge quantity of performances: classic magic shows on stage, magic tricks and great illusions with talented magicians able to astonish every audience with great suggestions. In the world of events organizations and shows for international corporate event, magician is the most requested artist, often employed in the organization of magic shows and events for children too. A Magician has the ability of hiding and making disappear and reappear objects in inexplicable ways: from the famous bunny in the hat, to the presentation of inexplicable situations to the public, or with the incredible illusionist cutting and putting back together the body of his assistant inside of the magical box. 

History of magic shows, the ancestors of modern performances for intrnational gala dinner and corporate events

As well as in every important show discipline, even magic is characterized by a majestic and ancient past, bringing us to Persian priests, the magicians, who had magical powers able to control nature forces and events. Over the centuries, magic became a prerogative of the King, able to heal subjects and courtiers from diseases thanks to his healing powers. The figure of the magician then travelled to the present days through the famous names of real people, in those stories and myths which came down to us through oral tradition and literature. Among the famous magicians of history, we can include the Greek philosopher Apollonius of Rhodes, who boasted the possession of magical powers and was skilled in magic tricks; the Roman poet Virgil and the famous figure of the medieval wizard Merlin, powerful adviser of King Arthur, whose achievements were immortalized in the verses of courtly romances of the Carolingian cycle. History of human beings is therefore characterized by a big quantity of magicians of every kind: shamans , healers , fairies, witches , miracle workers , alchemists... because magic is an art which always fascinated humans , since it has contacts with the Divine and is characteristic of many religions.

Organization of international events with with magicians and illusionists, figures also loved in cinema

Cinematography and birth of Fantasy, gave a major boost to spread inside of the collective thinking the figure of the illusionist and conjurer magician. The figure of the magician in this meaning brings to mind the famous Walt Disney 's Wizard's Apprentice , the famous Harry Potter, and Gandalf, the Colossal’s wizard " The Lord of the Rings ", characterized by the famous magic wand and robe. In the world of shows and events organization, the Magic Show is definitely the most popular one, famous and beloved by the public of any age.

Prestige Events proposals for the organization of international conventions and events with magic shows

There are many magic shows and numerous magical disciplines, such as the classic magic shows that we all appreciated during stage shows in inetrantional events and magic contests, the magic shows and great illusions with magicians able to amaze the audience with inexplicable and highly suggestive effects, and the most current proposals of micro-magic shows that entertain the public at restaurant tables or in shopping centers, with tricks made during incredible walking act performances. Whatever the discipline of belonging or the evolution that has followed, we can certainly say that the magic show has come to the present day specializing in a myriad disciplines that have kept intact the charm of the magician and magic in amazing show performances, the ones that Prestige Events Team has always the pleasure to suggest for your event!

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