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We are a corporate events Company, a thirty years experience in corporate events management, a Staff of corporate events planners, all at the service of Italian and foreign Companies to plan unique corporate events … here we are!

Team building, workshop, meetings, incentive events …. yes, we are talking about the world of corporate events management…. a complex world in which our events management Company has been operating since 30 years, planning the most exciting corporate events in Italy and abroad with an all-Italian know-how, the one pf Prestige Events. Planning a corporate event is one of the most powerful tools that each Company can use to grow and prosper. That's why you cannot improvise your corporate event planning. It's important to choose the right kind of corporate event, plan it clearly and meticulously and, doing this, rely on the right event management Company. This website section is about corporate events management and contains many ideas to plan your corporate event and a great choose of entertainment for your corporate event, whether it's a conference, a convention, a corporate event with family, an incentive trip, or a training workshop. Scrolling down the page you will be spoiled for choice in a wide range of show proposals to talk to your corporate event guests through the universal language of emotion. Together with all entertainment ideas for corporate events, you will find the support of Prestige Events Staff, a Team of corporate events planners ready to support you in all stages of the your corporate event organization. Proposing you new strategies and developing your ideas, together we will plan a corporate event that will hit the mark! We will guide you in all choices, we will support you with the most advanced technologies and we will suggest you creative ideas for the emotional part of your corporate event with a wide choice of entertainment shows, children's animations and big show closure to plan a corporate event with a sure wow effect.

If you have decided to organize a corporate event for your employees or customers ... we will make it an unforgettable corporate experience!

what  are corporate events:

Corporate events are precious moments of relationship in which Company and its parts interact each other, revealing their face and coming in contact with their territory. We can talk about corporate event whenever Company talks about itself, increasing awareness of its identity and strengthening the link in its internal network (motivational events for employees, award ceremonies and business dinners, team building and incentive events). We also talk about Corporate events when Companies work for their external image (experiential events for customer, conferences, fair trade and road shows), or when they projects into the future with the sharing of projects, innovations and training corporate events (meetings, seminars and workshops). Whatever its nature, plan a corporate event means having a very powerful and ever-evolving tool in your hands because work evolves, companies change and even people who are part of it change. That's why the support of a professional event management Company is fundamental to find your way in this real jungle!

why is it so important to plan corporate events?

Because corporate events represent the most strong method to increase Company and brand identity, the feel of belonging of its employees and the perception of reliability to the eyes of partners and customer. Corporate events are strategic importance tools for companies. Corporate Events Management constitute an ever growing sector ... there's always need to plan corporate events because they are the most effective tool to share company's progresses and information internally, to train and update its collaborators and employees and to share projects and progress also with the outside world. That's why planning corporate events is increasingly frequent and today corporate events planners  are called to ever new professional challenges.  A corporate event management Company is asked to propose ideas for creative corporate events,  to plan emotional team buildings and engaging conventions. And for Prestige Events Staff, as corporate event planners, the primary importance is to provide you with the support and competence in the management of corporate events that are  always unique and exclusive, from the formal moments to the choose of  themed animations to customized shows and entertainment's  proposals. In business world , plan a corporate event today requires a very high level of competence, experience and precision, that's why your satisfaction is above all ours!

Prestige Events will give the right cut for a value diamond

The first thing that a corporate event planner has to ask to every Company that want to organize a corporate event is: what are the objectives? And then: for who your corporate event is planning for? This is the point for us to start the most delicate phase of the corporate event planning process, the choice of the right kind of corporate event. This world is like a diamond, it's important to chose the right cut to have a value diamond. Whatever it's the nature and reason of your corporate event, it is important keep the focus on your participants’' feelings. For them your company event will be an experience, and it must be unforgettable! Planning Corporate Events mean to build "a bridge" to get to your participants' heart and emotion, and it is essential to get there in the right way to be remembered. Choosing among the different kinds of corporate event is not a simple thing. ... but neither is it impossible! Here are some of the main types of corporate events that Prestige Events Management Company can plan for you. But if yours is a more particular need, do not hesitate to contact our events planners team. We will be able to provide you with ideas for the right corporate event you are looking for!

 events management for corporate and brand identity

If the goal of your corporate event is to present your Company or share its path, communicate with your employees or reach the hearts of your customers and partners, then you are in the right place, in the world of corporate events for Corporate and Brand identity. Plan a corporate event for Corporate Identity means opening a dialogue ... the keyword is ... to share. Whether it's successes, latest news, updates, training, projects or to present your Company to new potential customers and partners, planning corporate events means to share information and to work on increasing the reliability and awareness perceived by employees and customers. In this last case, the challenge for us, corporate events planners, becomes even more interesting, because it means the management of an experiential and promotional marketing event. This kind of Corporate Events can be organized within the company, so you will welcome your guests "at home". But it's possible to plan your corporate event in structured locations above all in order to plan a corporate events for a great number of participants. Corporate Events like the ones below, normally are planned by invitation, and they never miss entertainment shows to lighten their formality, or experiential animations that work on the emotional sphere. If you think you have found the answer to you need of planning a corporate event among these indications, then it is now the moment to choose the possibility to plan one of the corporate events that you find below:

corporate events managemet: convention

Plan a  Company Convention means organize an important moment of relationship. During these corporate events, Company shows itself, talks about itself and works on the level of its image ... in short, it shares its face. There are "internal" Corporate Conventions, events planned for Corporate employees, or "open" and directed to customers and Partners. Whether planned for internal or for external "guests", your company convention will focus on communication and information. These ones are markedly commercial corporate events, organized for new products launches, new marketing campaigns, trends of the year and the results of previous advertising campaigns too. A company convention organization is the way to use a strong a tool to share the successes and progress of your company. Planning a company convention means creating a moment of direct contact with people and for people, useful to illustrate all changes, goals, news and projects. It means bringing together various departments of your company, offices and branches, or company executives in a fruitful exchange of knowledge and emotions. Yes, even of emotions .....  indeed, ABOVE ALL of emotions, because if your corporate event is enriched by animations and entertainment that strategically will emotion the steps of its timing, well .... your company convention can only be memorable! In this section about the "corporate events management" you will find shows for corporate events that have amazed the public of the most important international company conventions, such as the launching of the new Calzedonia collections, a company convention conceived as a show corporate event called "Calzedonia leg show" which has enjoyed a tam tam of communication bounced around the world  with millions of views.

corporate events management: business conferences

Corporate conferences organization projects our minds in a most cultural and research business context. Company plans Business conferences to improve the professional skills of the participants thanks to the direct relationship with experts who share their professional experience. Business conference is a corporate event organized without a precise periodicity, but whenever there's the need  to update or stimulate professional growth. The number of participants is generally selected, does not exceed 100 people and provides a well-defined timing between speakers' speeches and the moment they answer the questions of the audience. Business conferences planning is suggested to give new ideas and developments and is a tool particularly appreciated in companies that deal with research or culture such as universities, ministries, medical and pharmaceutical companies and in all sectors where updating is a founding element. If you are thinking about a corporate conference, the Team of Prestige Events will guide you step by step from the choice of location to catering, will provide you with the right support for the technological aspects up to the organization of experiential and fun activities such as emotional tours and elegant entertainments for an unbelievable corporate event…. yours!

meeting management: corporate events with wow effect

While if your need to strengthen your relationship with company customers and partners, or to make new commercial agreements with them, then the corporate event we suggest you to consider is Meeting. Corporate meeting is a customized corporate event organized to amaze all participants (whether they are employees, agents, partners or investors / customers).

Whoever are the recipients of your corporate meeting, they will expect you leave them speechless. That's why our events management company works not only on the contents, but also on the emotional sphere of the participants during the planning of a corporate meeting. It's for this reason that corporate meetings are usually aimed to a selected audience, and organized in extremely suggestive locations, with a program full of many moments of show and entertainment with a "wow effect".

If you are  thinking you need our corporate events planners team to organize a corporate meeting that makes people talk about your company, well you are in the right place at the right time, let's call Prestige Events Staff!

corporate events management: training events

The greatest industrialist of all time, H. Ford, said "The best thing to do in life is to keep your mind young and open." This is the spirit behind the organization of corporate training events, the will to stimulate and keep alive motivation in people who daily pour their efforts into Company, and Company offers them tools and opportunities for professional and personal growth. The history of the most prosperous companies in the world, teaches us that great corporate managers have always assigned an important role to the attention towards the professional growth of their employees. And for many companies this is still so. Corporate training allows Company to keep up with the times, because people change, business change and the world of work changes with them. If you are wondering what is the best tool to convey new strategies, skills, production techniques and news to your employees, the answer to your question is: a corporate training events organization! The most common corporate training events are basically two:

corporate events management: traditional training event

Structured as a corporate conference, but aimed only to corporate employees, the traditional kind of corporate training event is planned  according a periodic scheduling according to the topics covered. Corporate training events can be organized internally within the company or carried out in structured locations according to the number of participants. The structure of a traditional training event, as seminars, in based on experts' speeches and the moment of confrontation by question and answer without forgetting animation and show interludes to leave the unforgettable memory of an experiential corporate event.

corporate events management: workshop

Plan a Workshop means to plan a corporate training event that prefers active learning also through modern edutainment activities. The purpose is to acquire skills, techniques and abilities, through practical exercises and relation's moments between all participants. For this reason workshops management is planned as a  "limited number" event organized on several days in order to guarantee the company training event for all employees. Workshop and corporate training events planners make an "all-round" planning to provide moments of training, together with engaging moments of entertainment and edutainment (modern educational activities with a more playful character). Whether it's a traditional corporate training event, or a modern workshops, in case of planning corporate training events we are talking about experiential events too. As all corporate events you will have a greater chance of "being impressed" if your event become emotional for all participants. If you are searching ideas for your company training event or need support to organize your company workshop, Prestige Events Team will give you the right ideas and strategies to make your event a unique corporate event.

events management: motivational corporate events

The range of corporate events we love to organize. Motivational corporate events have two sides as a medal. The apparently playful and light one of entertainment and animation, and the second one made by the sense of belonging and motivation of people that make a company every day: collaborators, customers and partners. This kind of corporate events borders on the emotional and experiential part of each individual. For corporate events' planners, to organize a motivational corporate event means living each participant as a person in relationship with people, not as a part of a production system. Motivational Corporate events organization aims to gratify the participants and acts on their affection sphere. Organizing motivational corporate events makes people feel the Company not only as a profit entity but as the set of everyone' efforts that are aiming for tomorrow. Motivational corporate events are often "outdoor events" to facilitate the exit from everyday patterns, and aim to break the balances and hierarchical levels, to reconstruct new ones that highlight human aspects. To do this, you can choose:

 ideas for animation and show in your corporate family day

One of the most effective ideas is to organize a corporate event dedicated to families, the famous family day. During a corporate family day,  Company's doors open to the outside and welcome the public and employees' families to make themselves known, appreciated, reveal their wonders and promote themselves on its territory. This is the spirit behind the organization of a corporate family day, the occasion for companies to open their doors and organize a family event of knowledge as a real party, in which there is no lack of music entertainment, shows and animations for all participants. In few words ... plan a Family day usually means organizing an exclusive corporate event, only for employees and their families, with a marked focus on children. For your corporate family day, we will make the magic transformation of Company's in a pleasure island  where families find a special welcome made up of street artist performances, original musical entertainment, and animation shows for  family. They have only have fun and spend happy time together thanks to our shows and animations. If this is what you are looking for, we have a thousand ideas for your company's family day management to share with you …. it will be a unique and unforgettable event!

corporate event management: team building and incentive events

If you are invited from your Company to try a special experience with your collegues, maybe outdoor and with several funny activities ... well you are participating to an incentive events, maybe to a real team building. Corporate events planners talks about team building organization and incentive events in general when the event acts on "team work". With these experience events, Companies focus on  incentive for its employees and agents in order to motivate production and results. Team Building, as well as incentive travel, are organized events "outside" the Company, to facilitate the process of "breaking" the hierarchical schemes also linked to the physical environment. Generally incentive events and team buildings provide experiential and emotional group fun activities and involving corporate events games. Successful examples are team building in an hot air balloon, an incentive experience made for groups with lots of team games where company executives mix and work together, without forgetting that the beauty of a unique experience at the same time is a strong incentive for participants. But it is nice to see working groups struggling with tradition too…. so here are managers and employees divided into teams engaging in skills tests with the games of the past, returning children, without roles or levels, through a simple wooden game, which arrives direct and immediate to everyone's emotional sphere. The "destructuring" and "reconstruction" of the team, team building process, has always had surprising results. The process allows you to go beyond roles and perceive people as such. And the return at work reveals always surprising results ... together with a renewed and more collaborative working atmosphere If you are looking for your original team building or creative ideas for your incentive events, visit our section on organizing corporate events or contact us. Our events planners team is at your disposal for a total corporate event management .

organizing a road show: new promotional trends with business events show

Road Show is a new kind of corporate event in which companies go towards their "audience" going to them "at home" through animation show and entertainment. Nice, right? Yes ... and very effective ... but how much work! Yes, because behind the organization of a road show there's an even more detailed and demanding event management. Road show must be scheduled with right times, it's much more than a single event planning, it's a multiple corporate events planning, because each stage is a unique and unrepeatable situation. Planning a road show, the Company becomes "on the road" and enhances different cities, and for each city streets, squares, school and theaters depending on the product it wants to launch. And how does it do it? Through entertainment and  animations shows, often Companies choose street artists shows and children's animations, for their innate ability to amaze old and young working on the emotional sphere. In this way, Company comes into contact with its customers in a direct and concrete way, and exposes its products and services to the potential final consumer. If we want to hazard an example, we can say that an ancestor of road show events is the fair event. The companies were present in the exhibition halls of the various cities to promote themselves on a selected audience. But with the road show, experiential marketing went further, it opened the doors to all people without distinction, it made use of the power of street artists animations and suggestive shows to make the Company, the brand and / or the product an extraordinary memory in consumer's mind ... and this thanks to the emotion of unforgettable shows. Unforgettable ... just like the ones you will find in this section about show for corporate events. For quotes and further advice contact Prestige Events Team!

our tips for Companies and corporate event organization Agencies

We hope we made clear more about the wonderful world of corporate events management, even if corporate events often intertwine each other and it's impossible to make a clear distinction. Once you have identified the corporate event you want to organize, you are already on the right way…. strategies, times and plannings are the second  step. In this section about corporate event management, some ideas that our corporate events planners team  suggests for the success of EVERY corporate event are indicated. Here is a little tip we always give to everyone, to companies or agencies working on corporate events organization ... don't forget entertainment ... NEVER ... whatever the nature of the corporate event you are organizing, the entertainment, the right one, is the emotional note that cannot be missed in order to remain impressed ... the famous "cherry on the cake". In our Corporate Events Management section, you will be spoiled for choice. But if the goal is to make YOUR corporate event unique, Prestige Events Staff is available for unique and unrepeatable, customized and tailored solutions.

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