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Big water shows and fireworks

The greatest water shows with fireworks to the rhythm of the music.
The alternative to fireworks made in Italy available all over the world

In this section, we will take you with us to discover great shows and entertainment ideas for gala events and great opening or closing ceremonies. In a few clicks, you will admire the beauty of the Italian fireworks tradition that we pour into all big fireworks shows that our event management company organizes all over the world. But you will also find a lot of innovation, the same that we conceive and realize in challenges that our planning events work puts us every day. So here is how are born fireworks shows to the rhythm of music, or the extraordinary applications of fireworks to the street art shows on stilts for corporate and private events or musical fireworks show from buildings too. And then …. the new frontier of shows for exclusive private events or for gala ceremonies that want to be unforgettable: the wonderful traveling water and light shows with Dancing  Fountains. Together with the beauty of big fireworks display, traditional and musical fireworks shows we want to share with you the most beautiful and extraordinary alternative to these big shows for every important private and corporate event or as unforgettable show idea for big closure ceremonies: water and light shows! In last years the safety laws about fireworks shows have become increasingly restrictive all over the world. These new restrictions made fireworks shows' organization more complex and for this reason, we thought to new and impressive water show with a unique dance of water together with firework starting their lighting trails from water. A unique show to reach every destination in the world even the narrowest places thanks to its traveling nature. So with our water and lights show, water and fireworks dance to the rhythm of the music masterfully mixed together and realize a show like  "the thousand and one nights". All these shows have amazed the public all over the world because our events management company Staff proposes and realizes all our services and shows in Italy and all over the world for important ceremonies and big corporate and gala dinners, for festivals and international events. Above these lines, you will find a showcase full of original and high-impact show ideas from which to choose the perfect show for your event. By clicking on each section you can admire breathtaking images and videos that will leave you speechless.  

If you are wondering what is the best show to leave the audience of your event with no words, call us…. we are sure that we will be able to suggest the right idea for a sure wow effect!

Water shows and fireworks

Water Shows, Light Shows and Fireworks are the last frontier in big show for closing and gala ceremonies made by a unique dance of water, light music, and fire. For its majesty and impact, It represents the most innovative water show for public and private events or as wow effect show for important corporate events worldwide …. yes … because our events management company proposes you a traveling water and light show with dancing fountains to reach all venues. For incredible photos, videos, and more details about this big show for events, look at “water show with fire and music” dedicated section above. This great Water Show with Light and Fire owes its celebrity to the famous water show of Dubai Fountains, a destination that attracts thousands of tourists every year for the enchanting beauty and sophistication of its dancing fountain show. Thanks to the synergy with the same engineers and producers of Dubai "Water Show", the most famous dancing fountains in the world, Prestige Events planners Team realizes and promotes impressive dancing water shows with light and firework sync to the music of different sizes, transportable on wheels. We are talking about traveling water show fountains, designed to reach every destination in Italy and abroad with an estimated set-up time of four hours. Only four hours to add great value to your event, either corporate or private one, with an unforgettable big water show. As events management Company we believe that water, together with light and fireworks dancing to the rhythm of music,  are the winning combination for a unique water fountain show designed as a water dance for gala events, able to surprise guests of corporate events and private ones too. With Prestige Events' water show proposals, every event or celebration, in Italy or worldwide, will be able to enjoy the beauty and excitement of water show with fire to the rhythm of music. But cross contaminations between shows for closing ceremonies are always a new attractive challenge for our events management planners Team. We wanted to strengthen this innovative show of water and light fountains so we started to add dancing details from the world of fireworks to the water and light show. Such an ancient and beloved tradition as fireworks one, could certainly not be missing from the list of Prestige Events productions. Our events managers and creatives pay always a lot of attention to the innovative and masterful use of spectacular components, even the most traditional ones such as fireworks, to create unpublished shows with a wow-effect for corporate and gala events, big shows for opening or closing ceremonies and for private events too. That's why also dancing water and light show evolves and became enriched with modern elements, such as projections on a water screen, and traditional elements, such as the light trails of fireworks.

Ever new combinations in unique and exclusive shows for an unforgettable event.... yours!

Musical fireworks shows

Fireworks have always fascinated man. Bright trails and colors have always had the great power to shake spectators' emotions, to enchant young and old with no limits of language or origin. Events management planners say that fireworks are no doubt an eternal and universal show. That's why fireworks shows are the most requested shows in every kind of event. Whether it's a private wedding, or a corporate event, or the closing ceremony of a big event, you'll have the great possibility to see a big fireworks show. Fireworks is an ancient art as demonstrated by the presence already in the eighth century in China of the first studies on chemical preparations. These ancient studies deepened the knowledge about logics and dynamics of force respected by chemicals during the explosion. Our fireworks events planners say these are the theoretical basis of the realization of each fireworks' show still today. Behind every sensational firework show, there is always a great and accurate creative and artistic show planning. There are many elements to make up a whole sensational fireworks display, and in the act of creating it,  every fireworks expert always has to evaluate each one of them, the interaction and coordination of all the components, measuring them with mastery just like the ingredients of a recipe: the color, obtained with chemical elements to generate bright trails and colorful ones; openings and heights of the single firework; the whole complex assembly of the various fire effects that together add value to a successful fireworks show. But the work of the Prestige Events planners Staff always focuses on the innovation of each individual production and, also for fireworks shows, contributes to their evolution in order to make them more complex, articulated, and impactful. This is how are born incredible shows of fireworks to the rhythm of music, developed on the surface of the sea with fireworks that enhance colored and bright trails to be reflected in particular water games combined with light. All our events planners' work wants to create fireworks combinations able to give life to great emotion events where fireworks blend with suggestive soundtracks and the surrounding environment, designing fire shows with music as true dance choreography. This new use of fireworks with music requires the respect of the musical rhythm by fireworks. In fireworks show with music, launches, trails, colors, and geometries the fireworks have to respond to precise rules of symmetry, rhythm, and harmony with the background music, and the sound effects of the explosions have to place the accent on the notes in a precise and synchronic way: the effect is a fireworks show of particular richness, beauty, and emotion.

Musical Fireworks’ shows from buildings

But the study of new fireworks shows continues to go further and experiments increasingly new and particular solutions with the use of fireworks and music. Thus are born exclusive firework shows from buildings to the rhythm of music, suggestive fireworks display masterfully positioned on historical and modern architecture: innovative and unprecedented solutions that combine fireworks with new and apparently distant elements such as music and architecture. Fireworks show with music that becomes real "light clothes" for city buildings and monuments.

Fireworks on street art stilts’ show

With the continuous aim of improving and developing new creative solutions with the use of fireworks with music, creative and artistic study for even new original fireworks shows is no longer limited to inert elements such as architectures, but goes as far as organizing traveling fireworks performances on stilts' street art shows. If you are observing a real show of street art and theater in which street artists, often on stilts, wear stage costumes enriched by the strategic insertion of fireworks, creating an evocative mixture of narration, actors, street artists, fires with music and scenography ... well ... you're in front of a musical and traveling fireworks show! We can, therefore, say that in the artistic field of shows creation, fireworks show still represent an element of extreme versatility, able to evolve and to keep up with the most modern disciplines and the performing arts always alive and vital. Fireworks' art is still in continuous evolution, in constant search for ever new frontiers and projected to interesting and innovative contaminations between sectors apparently very different from each other. Our services are guaranteed throughout the national territory including the islands and worldwide.

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