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Team Building in Italy

The term "team building" identifies the organization of those activities  which contribute to the formation and maintenance of a group of people and to the relationships between them. The term " team building " identifies the organization of those activities  which contribute to the formation and maintenance of a group of people and to relationships between them. Its use is widespread in the businesses that increasingly organize training or recreational activities for employees or management teams of the Company. The ultimate goal of the organization of team building is that of developing virtuous dynamics, in order to positively affect the working climate, relationships and identity of the group and job performances of individual components. Team Building offers the organization of a team experience (team games, team wellbeing and others), which turns into learning for the individual and provides it with the conversion tools of the social and work environment in a positive space able to encourage job performance. Theories of the " group " and of its operation dynamics date back to the 60’s, thanks to  the German psychologist Kurt Lewin, the father of social psychology and supporter of the Gestalt’s theories. According to Kurt Lewin’s theory, group is a " totality " motivated by self-preservation. A totality of interdependent people because of their goals and purposes , structured in a complex and ever-changing structure , in which there are, relationships and power exercises that constantly change in order to maintain a balance that will keep a unified group. The actions of every member of the group then has inevitable repercussions on the others, in a continuous and constant way, and according to well-defined dynamics , as described by Tuckman’s model " group dynamics ". So, in light of this complexity,  the group is more than the sum of its parts . Based on these concepts , many "orientation" processes and studies are structured in the formation and organization of the group , first applied on USA children, later became team building activities increasingly used in human resources of large companies. An increasing number of companies learned the importance of a good working inner climate, the impact that this has on the performance of its employees, and organizes team building activities as an effective tool for its conservation. Management and overcoming of crisis times, stress and difficulty of a working group , or the formation of an identity group between employees who don’t know each other, become today a primary necessity for the company in order to obtain an increase the employees’ performance, just like the definition of Lewin’s group, it will be more than the sum of individual performances. In light of these new trends , we can therefore say that the organization of team building is synonymous of building and promotion of the group. More and more companies are living the organization of team building , both of a training and playful nature, like an important training and management moment of the Company. Professional trainers so drive business groups through indoor or outdoor paths, borrowing situations and experiences from the world of sports , theater, music or entertainment , and benefitting of the advice and assistance of professionals involved , depending on the ultimate goal that they are aiming at. There are many objectives that the organization of team building can reach, such as how to deepen the knowledge of a newborn working group , how to develop empathy , strengthen social relationships , or create an trust atmosphere between employees. However, because of the dynamic nature and the constant interaction of the group , in order to obtain and maintain the expected objectives. It’s necessary to organize team building activities during more occasions during the year, in a constant and repeated way through time. Our team building organization services are globally guaranteed in order to help the creation of pleasant working atmospheres and to help companies and activities in the achievements of their goals.