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Street theatre and Buskers


Street artists and street theatre

Who are street artists? They are skilful artists who perform in public locations such as city squares, streets and city centres. Their exhibitions can be free or, as usual, they are engaged by public or private costumers with the aim of attracting new tourists and visitors. Street Artists (also known as Buskers) can offer a huge range of performance types, with the common aim of offering to the audience the organization of funny and captivating entertainment shows. The most common street art shows are represented by jugglers shows, clowns, mimes, living statues, but also by storyteller shows, fire-eaters and circus performers. Street artists have almost completely disappeared after the coming of television, cinema and of the production and organization of sophisticated and technologic shows. Just during the last years (thanks to forward-looking public administrations), Street Art has been rediscovered in its most innovative forms, as shown by the organization of many street art festivals in the world. Recently, even shopping mall’s galleries and shopping centers understood the great attractive power that street art has on their public. Always more frequently, shopping malls are organizing beautiful street artists festivals, inserting show exhibitions (even based on improvisation art) during the opening time of the centers, in order to entertain, cheer and to keep the client’s business. Among the most famous and important street art festival, St+art Mumbai is on of the greatest ones, which shows how strong is the attracting power of these kind of entertainments. Another really famous one is represented by Melbourne’s Stencil Festival, with the celebration of its street and stencil art. Even Greece shows the importance that street art festivals are currently acquiring with the organization of the magnificent Athens Street Art Festival, in which the town is magically filled by beautiful and astonishing art masterpieces. Busker festivals can attract huge tourist flows, creating a magical atmosphere characterized by amazing sounds and colours, valuing towns and urban spaces. Our services are guaranteed through the whole world, ensuring the quality of an unprecedented street art festival to every location. 

Street art and celebrity

Many famous artists and celebrities exhibited as anonymous street artists during these street art events. For example, Sting performed in London’s city center; the famous violinist Joshua Bell performed in Washington’s subway with a real Stradivari; Bon Jovi played as street artists at the subway stop of Covent Garden in London; Bruce Springsteen exhibited as a simple buskers with his acoustic guitar, and the Italian Biagio Antonacci was almost arrested after his exhibition in Milan’s train station when he was still performing as street artists.