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Cabaret shows were born from the combination between many performances, such as theatre, dance, singing and comedy. These shows were born in XIX century in the French area with Le Chat Noir. Cabaret Shows were born as the combination of different performances such as theatre, dance, singing and comedy during the XIX century in France, with Le Chat Noir and Moulin Rouge. Actually, cabaret show is one of the most versatile comic entertainment, thanks to its irreverent nature and to the direct contact with the public. Because of these characteristics, the organization of Cabaret Shows can be inserted in those events in which it’s necessary to involve the public in a hilarious and comic moment, even though dealing with actual and politic themes. The traditional funny and comic pattern of cabaret shows, makes it the most required solution through stage shows for the organization of company dinners, city squares parties, but even one of the most common show formulas for television show schedules. Historically, the organization of Cabaret shows in Italy is quite recent, but is characterized by the unique Italian certainty and creativity. Italian Cabaret show is characterized by the organization of exhibitions with one ore more actors, who perform their show with monologues, or with hilarious dialogues about actual themes, political satire, or especially created in a tailor made way for the particular recurrence or public type participating at the event. After the importance acquired by television medias, Cabaret performers became synonymous of comic actors, and they started to perform for television programs instead of acting on stages and theatres. The organization of television cabaret shows offers very requested performances, which can also be placed inside of shopping malls and city squares parties. The first definition of Cabaret in Italy finds its roots during the 50’s, thanks to the comic trio composed by Vittorio Caprioli, Alberto Bonucci and Franca Valeri, known as “The Gobbi”, who performer for Milan’s audience and stages. Cabaret shows are worldwide known: between the most famous performances, it’s important to remember the American one, imported by the French Jesse Louis Lasky in 1911. Even England offered historically important cabaret places such as the The Cabaret Club. Our Italian Cabaret shows will bring the Italian uniqueness, certainty, creativity and art to your public or private event, bringing joy and entertaining your public with hilarious and irreverent themes and performances. Our Cabaret Shows are worldwide guaranteed.