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Wedding shows indicate a particular range of shows and entertainment designed and organized for emphasizing and valuing the highlights moments of the wedding reception. Wedding shows indicate a particular range of shows and entertainment designed and organized for emphasizing and valuing highlights moments of the wedding reception. Newlyweds are increasingly looking for the organization of shows characterized by great emotional impact and dramatic power , in order to emphasize the highlight moments of the reception and to entertain their guests , organizing an unique and unforgettable wedding. The voice “performances” so, is a key elements for the organization of a wedding celebration, with equal dignity for the choice of photographer, flowers , cake and party favors. Due to the increasing articulation that the organization of the wedding needs , during last years an increasing number of married couples started to rely on the figure of the wedding planner, a professional event planner, specialized in the organization of wedding ceremonies and taking care of every aspect and detail of the celebration such as location, preparations, church, flowers, bride and groom’s clothes, car rental , make-up, photographer , shooting , wedding favors and the logistical coordination of movements and timing. Wedding planner’s task is that of coordinating all the professionals involved in the organization of the wedding celebration, acting as an interface between them and the couple and even taking care about the inevitable aspects of shows and entertainment. Marriage celebration so becomes more than a key moment in the lives of individuals who are facing a sacrament or a civil union in order to give life to the " family ". The wedding celebration turns into a real private event which has to be organized according to the strict rules typical of the organization of major events, so that the couple can share with their friends and family not only an important moment of life , but their spectacular event. Among the most common situations in the context of the wedding shows , the fireworks show is one of the most beloved , generally used in the final moment of the event for emphasizing the cutting of the cake. The fireworks show becomes an unusual and joyful way used by Spouses to greet their guests. However , the constant research of unusual, elegant and unprecedented events stimulates new challenges for wedding organizers , who have to create and organize new shows and entertainments, that will make the wedding celebration unique for the couple and for all of the guests. The essential necessity of the spouses during their marriage is that of offering a "not seen " and " non- ordinary "show , so that wedding organizers had to create new show solutions. There is therefore the inclusion of parade shows with extreme dramatic power and originality, such as the walking stilts artists shows, or with the choice of advanced solutions , such as the musical fireworks. A completely original idea is the employment of illuminated fountains, whose water’s jets are combined to the natural fire, dancing to musical rhythm , or even the placement of hot air balloons on which all of the guests can try a unforgettable and exciting ascension. Our wedding shows services are globally guaranteed in order to bring the Italian quality and refinement of our entertainments to every luxury wedding and celebration. Choosing our professionals will ensure to your event the charm and uniqueness that you wish, in order to realize a “never seen before” entertainment for your celebration.