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Fairs and festivals are two moments of public aggregation and recall, motivated by different purposes. Fairs and festivals are two moments of public aggregation and recall, motivated by different purposes. The term “fair” refers to the organization of a temporary exhibition, generally internally carried out, specialized and organized in halls for commercial and demonstration purposes, involving professionals of one or more sectors. These show products, services and advices to a specific and precise audience not only with the main aim of selling. The origins of fairs are as old as ancient, and start from the practice of trade. Fairs were common already during the Middle Ages where, in front of the exemption from taxes and duties, the sold goods had a cheaper cost and this also attracted buyers from neighboring towns. The practice of applying the "fair discount " is still in force today and is one of the strongest attraction motivations for the public. “Festival” instead means the organization of a folk and religious demonstration, generally conducted in outdoors locations, and dedicated to a miscellaneous audience , who finds the opportunity of tasting local products, food and wine on the place, or walking down the street. Usually festival coincides with the feast of the local patron, or it’s organized in order to celebrate a special occasion , often religious , or an important tradition or local peculiarity. In both cases, the constant is the presence of temporary exhibitions of different nature, but with a identical commercial purpose. The expansion and growth of the organization of festivals, has increasingly led to the need of offering to the public an entertainment that could also serve as a reminder and incentive for participating to the event, since the festival is usually self-funded and based on ' commitment and efforts of the volunteer workers of Sports Associations, Committees, cultural associations or traders , or traditionally the Pro Loco. The motivation that brings fairs exhibitors to the purpose of offering moments of free entertainment to their audience is different. The presence of an entertainment show in fact , is designed in order to engage the attention of the potential customer visitor in a context of overexposure and competition. In both situations, the decision of organizing shows is essential for the purpose that organizers want to achieve, and this generally converges on the organization of parade shows, able to accompany the audience along entire routes between stalls and pavilions. At the same time, and as tradition says , at fairs and festivals it’s possible to find stage shows as well. Stage shows are the alternative to parade shows and are held at  different times and ways. On the occasion of the organization of fairs and festivals it’s possible to find (in the various shows) organized evenings with the inevitable grand finale of the musical fireworks shows. Among the most common stage performances it’s possible to find concerts, cabaret shows, dance performances , fashion shows etc. Our services are globally guaranteed in order to bring the fairs and festivals entertainment to every required place. Entertain your public with these amazing events, that will create a magical and amusing atmosphere for your occasion.