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Show parade

Show Parade
fantastic entertainments and where to find them

In this section dedicated to Show Parade, you will find a cheerful and joyful world made of music, colors and walking acts for your events. Show Parade is undoubtedly the most widespread and famous entertainment for event in the world.

Show Parade the perfect solution for international events entertainment

Show Parade is the perfect solution to entertain all type of event as demonstrated by the presence of many Show Parade in international events such as  Rio Carnival or in world theme parks such as Disneyland. A typical show parade always include the presence of important numbers of participants who move along streets and perform in squares, entertaining all ages audience by marching on cars, on foot, on stilts or even in the air as happens in the Air Show Parade.

 Show Parade … a world of moving music and colors ….. on cars

People loves Show Parade because it’s joyful, colorful and involve the presence of participants in costume or uniform accompanied by music. Sometimes it's possible to admire incredible Show Parade that entertain with fantasy vehicles full of special light and sound effects. This is the case of the street theater entertainment we made with our incredible Steam Punk Time Machine. This is a very show parade inspired by the legend of time travel and also takes its cue from the world of fantasy films such as "Back to the Future".

Show Parade on stilts, vertical entertainment you ca see also in the crowd

To entertain events, always very popular show parade’s world, we find walking acts on stilts. Extraordinary characters on stilts who wear colorful clothes and move happily through streets and squares, in Malls and Corporate Events with interactive walking acts. For their being so special, we decided to dedicate a separate section to the Stilts Walkers to let you admire the beauty and originality of unique costumes of special acrobatic show parades  created specifically to entertain successful events. To visit this section you can immediately click over the Show Parade one.

Show Parade with LED lights

But during last years, with the aim of increasing  Show Parade's scenography and having the chance of entertain nights events in city and Malls, we have witnessed the advent of lights' use. Here are performances with brightening Show Parade entertainments that use LED lights on the costumes and become joyful light shows in motion. Their names are the most disparate, Electrical Show Parade, Led Lights Show Parade, but the result does not change, they always remain incredible street show parade able to enchant the audience of old and young in all the events in which they perform. Among our international events company's productions, you will also find beautiful Show Parade entertainments enriched with lights, which enhance historic centers and squares in an evocative way, entertaining the audience of your event with an undisputed wow effect. This is the case of our brand new Madame Opera, the homage of our international events company to Italian Opera with the originality of the best Street Theater entertainment tradition. But also of the extraordinary Christmas Show Parade that uses light and music to enhance Christmas through extraordinary walking acts on stilts.

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