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Parade shows

Parade shows and Walking Acts

Parade shows represent a modern variation of the most classic street theatre, which develops the organization and production of the show inside of urban spaces and areas, for public or private events. During a Parade show, performances consist in a dynamic exhibition, which looks for its public, interacts with it and takes it through the city and to the magical artist’s world. The most evident characteristic in the organization of Parade shows, is their incredible originality. From the most famous stilt parade, to the most innovative and astonishing shows, Parade street entertainment can stimulate adult and young’s curiosity, and have a great attractive power, just as we can observe in the most famous street art festivals of the world. The parade characteristic makes this show the perfect solution for valuing those events with more and more attraction points, developed on itineraries, like streets or shopping galleries, since the organization of these kind of events is able to value big spaces an avenues. Parade show finds its roots in the organization of the theatrical tradition of the ancient Greece. During that period, theatre had a didactic and politic aim, meant in order to stimulate the participation to the organization of Polis’ life, whose sharing had such a huge importance, that state was recognizing the payment of the “attendance token” to who was participating to representations. Even during Parade shows it’s possible to find the original structure of classical theatrical shows, which consists in the relation between actor (acting in person) and its public, who follow his movements. The “live” constituent of Parade show, allows the production and realization of a unique and original show, a show which “borns again each time, and dies strengthened by the public’s agreement” (Silvia D’amico, History of Theatre). Parade show then, gets in direct touch with the audience, and develops a very strong contact with it, able to create such a powerful attracting power, that the audience is physically convinced to follow the show through its itinerary. Street theatre and parade shows are often connected to the Busker’s image: a street artists performing his shows in city’s streets and city centers. Gatherings, shows and performances of these incredible artists are acquiring more and more importance, especially in France, which can be seen as the cradle of street art. Some of the most famous festivals organized in France are those of Aurillac and Chalon. Another very important Parade shows organizer is Melbourne, Australia, with its St. Kilda street festival, which brings every year thousands and thousands of spectators. Italy has a great importance as well with the organization of Ferrara Buskers Parade show, an event which attracts lots of international street artists and tourists each year. Even England has a great importance in the organization of Parade shows, with its London’s showcase New Year's Day Parade, with about 8500 performers and the extraordinary attracting power of more than 500.000 people. Parade Shows, with their itineraries, are a great solution for bringing the audience through city centers, streets and avenues, in order to bring benefit even to shopping paths. Choosing a Parade Show is synonymous of choosing certainty of a fantastic entertainment that will bring joy, amusement and will create a magical atmosphere in every town. Our services are guaranteed all over the world.