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New Year celebrations

New Year’s Eve’s Shows indicate the wide range of entertainment essential shows for the organization of one of the most famous and shared party in the whole world, in order to greet the new year, wishing for happiness and prosperity. New Year’s Eve ‘s shows indicate the wide range of entertainment shows essential for the organization of one of the most famous and shared party in the whole world, in order to greet the new year, wishing for happiness and prosperity. Our show agency and management “Prestige Events” organizes New Year’s Eve parties and events through all the world, offering the best entertainment and animation shows with the most skilful and prepared artists ever. New Year’s Eve, as a city celebration, happens on the first day of the year, and remembers about the celebration of God Janus, worshiped in ancient Rome and depicted with two heads (The Double Forehead God). Since this God is standing on the entrance, he can both look outside and inside, he’s the God of Beginnings, who can simultaneously look at Past and Future. New Year's Eve ( from the Latin Caput Years ) , following several changes over the centuries and in different parts of the world , is therefore universally recognized and celebrated during the passage night between December 31st and January 1st , better known as the Saint Sylvester’s Night. During New Year's Eve night, the tradition is meeting with parents and families for a big dinner, known as New Year's Eve dinner, in order to wait for midnight, with the company of performances, music, dance, fireworks , and entertainment. During New Year and New Year's Eve’s period, there is a huge quantity of organization of private parties in restaurants and other locations, in order to party New Year celebrations with limited number of guests, regulated by the payment of a fee reflecting the cost of the dinner for each participant . However many families still love getting together, according to tradition, and preparing New Year's Eve’s dinner with auspicious dishes such as lentils ( symbol of wealth and hope), exchange greetings with a kiss under mistletoe and dancing all night during an event that is commonly incorporated in Christmas’ holidays period. At the same time of New Year’s Eve’s shows of individuals and companies, an increasing number of cities and municipalities organized New Year's Eve parties in city squares, public and often free events offering a huge program of shows and entertainments, able to attract and involve different audience segments and generate an attractive tourism flow and economic value to the Christmas holidays. During New Year's Eve’s night , dinners, shows and events, activities such as businesses, shops, restaurants and hotels are working for a commercial purpose , and simultaneously in order to offer their services to the public, making the event of the City Square’s New Year's Eve, a great event for thousands of people .
During city square’s New Year’s Eve’s shows it’s possible to attend shows and performances , usually performed on stage , ranging from Cabaret shows , musical concerts , live performances by musical bands , famous singers , magic shows , circus performances performed by acrobats , dancers, and to the most beloved and famous traditional fireworks.
The common purpose of the organization of events and shows in all of city square’s Celebrations for New Year’s Eve’s night, is to cheer the last hours of the year with a captivating entertainment, until the highlight moment of the event: the countdown of the last seconds to midnight. The midnight of December 31st seals the entrance of the new year, and the most widespread tradition for celebrating this moment is that of fireworks. Our Show Agency and Management “Prestige Events” offers the best musical firework show for your event, bringing the magic of these incredible pyrotechnic art and music in order to create the best way for celebrating New Year’s Eve and for astonishing your public. New Year’s tradition in fact, has to be welcomed with the organization of big fireworks shows, in order to exorcise and expel ( with the help of lights and noise of the fireworks ) , the negativity of the old and the new year.
For the organization of fireworks shows in big city squares parties , interventions of pyrotechnics have increasingly become majestic and spectacular, with innovative and refined formulas able to give great performances to spectators and artistic valorization to historic monuments. Remember the musical fireworks show of the Este’s Castle in Ferrara , citizen’s symbol and UNESCO's World Heritage, or the fireworks show at the “Sale” Warehouse of Milano Marittima , the home of the summer and lately winter holidays , known all over the world. At the end of musical fireworks show, party generally goes on with the exchange of the best wishes from the city authorities, and then continues until the early hours of the new year’s eve’s morning. Our New Year’s Eve’s shows organization is globally guaranteed. Choosing entertainments offered by our show agency and Management “Prestige Events”, is synonymous of bringing the incredible and extraordinary Italian quality, creativity and refinement to your private or public event, in order to create an exciting and unbelievable atmosphere that all of the participants will never forget.