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Big Shows and Fireworks

Fireworks show currently indicates a night show performed in the air, whose particular beauty and charm is based on the composition of fireworks. Fireworks were born in China in the eighth century. Currently, Fireworks show means the organization of a night show performed in the air, whose particular beauty and charm is based on the composition of fireworks, namely chemicals preparations which explode following precise logics and strength dynamics, shapes and colors, based on the laws of pyrotechnic arts. Pyrotechnic is defined as the science studying and creating fireworks at the base of the organization of all fireworks shows used for mere entertainment purposes for events and parties , which are generally realized for the  organization of the grand finale. Many are the important components for the realization of a fireworks show with great astonishing effect and breath-taking impact. First of all the color, obtained by chemical elements which, sublimating themselves, paint flames and product the effect of the colorful and beloved contrails, which every kind of audience love to see in the sky. Beside color, another important aspect in the planning and organization of Fireworks shows is that of designing and organizing the firework show, with its dimensions , opening and heights. Shapes and dimensions of Firework shows are determined by the disposition of the typical “stars”, which are small black dust balls, placed between the firework’s packaging and its nucleus following precise geometries, the same that will be appreciated during the firework’s explosion phase. From the nucleus (composed by black dust and a explosion mixture ) depends the strength with which the fireworks blow up, and the height at which the firework is projected. The creation of the single artifice is therefore the result of the careful study of the delicate balance between the explosive and chemical components, mixed to the shape of their assembly. Combinations with which creating fireworks are endless as the effects that these may develop. It’s therefore possible to observe high and majestic fireworks shows on  water ( defined as water fires ) and with large air vents , or the organization of fireworks shows with low power (called small-caliber ), which can be used in tight spaces for the organization of fireworks shows for city squares , amphitheatres , basins or even applicable to buildings and monuments. In each of these fireworks types, it’s possible to enjoy the most varied and miscellaneous ones, for example the grand openings of bright willows , the golden spherical trails known as Kamuro, geometric openings composing planets , hearts , stars , flowers , lights’ cascades or fire pillars, obtained with artifices employing titanium in order to enhance brightness. The choreography of fireworks with which it’s possible to organize a fireworks show is unlimited, according to the combinations of different tricks with each other, the use of specific structures on which placing the fireworks in special configurations (think about honor batteries or pyrotechnic machines ) and especially to the skill and creativity of the event organizers, in conjunction to pyrotechnic creators , from whose synergy born incredible and astonishing shows. Besides the organization of musical fireworks shows, designed according to the dictates of classic pyrotechnic arts, today it’s possible to find innovative and unpublished solutions combining fireworks with new elements such as music and architecture. It is from this synergy that comes the organization of the musical fireworks show , an extraordinary combination capable of giving life to events characterized by great emotion, in which the pyrotechnic fuses with a soundtrack, and " draws" firework shows  as choreography dances, whose essential characteristic is that of the respect of musical rhythm by fireworks. In the organization of the musical fireworks show, launches , contrails, colors, shapes and arrangements of the fireworks are based on the strict rules of symmetry , rhythm and harmony with the background music , and sound effects of explosions place emphasis on the notes in a precise and synchronic way , for a performance of particular richness , beauty and emotion . The last frontier in the organization of a musical fireworks show , provides the application of fireworks to historic buildings and monuments for a full merger between light , music and architecture, for a final effect characterized by great value, precision and beauty. But the application of pyrotechnics and fireworks is now no longer limited to static elements such as architectural structures, reaching the organization of musical fireworks show played in theatres. A real theater representation of street art in which the firework artifice becomes an integral part of sets and costumes worn by actors and waders. So we can count the fireworks show between those disciplines and performing arts that are still alive and vital, evolving, always looking for new frontiers and projected to the development of interesting and innovative contaminations between those areas which apparently look very far from each other , such as chemistry and theater , in order to organize always unprecedented and exciting shows for the audience of any age and origin. Our Fireworks Shows are guaranteed all over the world. They are the perfect solution for the organization of public and private event, gala dinners, luxury weddings, city square parties and for any special occasion. Bring the uniqueness of this Italian quality show, that will astonish and amuse any kind of public thanks to the magic of our incredible fireworks and tailor made soundtracks.