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Christmas shows

In the west area of the world, the tradition of organizing events and shows, lights and initiatives in order to anticipate purchases and Christmas’ celebrations in November has strongly increased. Christmas is a celebration with Christian origin, celebrated every year on December 25th on the occasion of the birth of Jesus , according to tradition in Gospels. On the religious level, Christmas is , for the believer , the moment in which God became man and came to live on earth , becoming close and involved in the destiny of the human being, and not a distant and detached Entity from believers . Among the religious holidays , Christmas is one of the most felt and celebrated , thanks to the multiplicity of meanings that it has acquired after a secularization process and contamination with other cultures. Christmas then becomes a more laical celebration from its old traditions, and started to be celebrated at home, and not only in worship places. Christmas becomes the occasion in which families gather to be together for the traditional exchange of gifts in front of Christmas’ tree. The Christmas tree is one of the many symbols with which Christmas is identified. In this case it is a symbol of German origins, and is represented by a large fir tree, decorated every year in every home around the world with colored lights, balls and bright silver and gold threads. Typically, Christmas tree is topped by Comet Star, which guided Three Wise Men to the cave where Jesus Child was exposed, another inevitable symbol of the organization of Christmas. Right under Christmas tree, in the night before Christmas, falling down the chimney while the children are asleep, lay Santa Claus’ gifts, a jolly old man dressed in red with thick white beard, who arrives on Santa Claus’ sleight pulled by reindeers . The origin of the Santa Claus’ figure is very discussed and boasts ancient Christmases. History says that he was a religious figure who lived in the fourth century in Myra, in Turkey , where he lived and worked as a Christian bishop . His figure was then exported to the world as the result of the intense commercial traffics in which the Byzantine Empire was involved , so he became Saint Nicholas , Santa Klaus and St. Nicholas , but remaining faithful to the representation of the good old man , white-bearded , dressed in purple , with a big brown sack in which he kept children’s gifts. This character with his presents , helped Christmas becoming a significant event with a great economic and commercial importance. The tradition of exchanging gifts in causes fact the most important recordings of peak purchases and shopping of the year during the period immediately before Christmas, and this is an information to which all businesses have become sensitive. Especially in English-speaking countries, the organization of animations in shopping centers and shopping malls became extremely common, bringing Santa Claus and creating entertainment shows for families with children. The organization of these entertainment shows generally employs a professional actor, whose features are similar to those of the traditional Santa Claus , who will give to families souvenir photos of children with Santa Claus on the throne . Besides the organization of shows in shopping malls with Santa Claus’ character as main protagonist , West has increasingly enhanced the further organization of events and shows , lights and initiatives in order to anticipate purchases and celebration of Christmas in November, for then going straight up to Epiphany. The organization of Christmas shows and events is becoming more and more common, in order to enhance shopping and to create entertainments and animations in citizen city centers, shopping malls and city squares. More and more attention is paid by Councils and Companies to the organization of Christmas events and shows, which is an extremely important and decisive period for purchases. Currently it’s impossible to leave the organization of lighting setups through streets of major cities, such as inside of shopping mall’s arcades. Many original events are starting to substitute the traditional ones, such as the organization of Christmas’ markets in towns and mountain villages, accompanied by walking or static shows, original or traditional , such as pipers parades with bagpipes or polyphonic Christmas’ concerts to cheer the audience with the magic of Gospel , musical genre closely related to this event. Christmas, therefore, in addition to being a religious event, can be counted in the organization of events that have become a cultural phenomenon through years. Our show agency and management “Prestige Events” can guarantee an original, fresh and innovative entertainment show for your Christmas event. Our Christmas shows are certainty of bringing a joyful and lovely atmosphere to your event, and to entertain the family’s public with amusement and a pleasant time.